The Broken Nest[1] is an abandoned Twoleg nest[2] near Barley's Farm that Barley and Ravenpaw know about.


The Broken Nest is located in an overgrown corner in a field with nettles and brambles. The walls of the nest are full of holes[2] and cracks[3] where stones had fallen out, and half of a roof is left.[2] Inside the nest is a bare patch of ground where weeds have burrowed through under the walls.[3]

However, in Dawn, the nest has no roof.[4]

Book Appearances

In the The Prophecies Begin arc

Fire and Ice

Two warriors of ThunderClan, Fireheart and Graystripe, are sent by Bluestar to find WindClan home and bring them back to their territories. The two friends journey through the uplands once belonging to WindClan until they enter unfamillar territory. They find WindClan, and bring them to Ravenpaw's barn in order for them to shelter. Ravenpaw warns that these many cats would not be able to fit into the nest, and Ravenpaw shows them an abandoned Twoleg nest that had been falling apart, calling it the "broken nest". The WindClan cats stay there overnight, being able to feast off the prey that Deadfoot, Onewhisker, Fireheart, Graystripe, Barley, and Ravenpaw bring back.
Barkface receives a sign from StarClan the next morning proclaiming "today will bring an unnecessary death."

In the New Prophecy arc


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