These notes are brief, noting major events and minor events in The Clans Decide that will be of consequence later. They are intended to be used as a reference for those looking for specific events for re-reading.


  • Firestar is hunting near the ShadowClan border.
  • The RiverClan warriors, Pouncetail and Otterheart have been captured by ShadowClan.
    • Pouncetail is bleeding and his tail is broken, whilst Otterheart is barely breathing.
  • Russetfur turns up with Smokefoot and Rowanclaw, and she tells Firestar that RiverClan have purposefully been crossing the ShadowClan border.
  • Firestar takes the injured warriors back to ThunderClan camp.
  • Firestar calls a Gathering before the Full Moon.
  • Pouncetail and Otterheart return to RiverClan.
  • An argument breaks out.
  • Firestar starts to lead ThunderClan away saying this was not what he wanted to happen.
    • Mosspelt tries to persuade Firestar to stay.
  • They hear a fight breaking out.
    • Firestar agrees to return.
  • Firestar stops the fight.
  • Firestar thinks of the idea of sharing extra prey.
    • The other Clans disapprove of the idea.
  • Jayfeather tells the Clans about the form of voting he learned from the ancients
    • He tells the Clans StarClan showed it to him in a dream
  • Jayfeather explains how it works; each side of a stick represents a situation.
    • The Clans approve of the idea.
  • The Clans vote, each cat placing a stone on either side of the stick
  • Jayfeather and the other Medicine cats tally up the votes; Firestar wins.
  • Firestar announces that the Clans will meet every quarter-moon to share leftover prey. He also announces the proper leadership of the other Clan leaders will be restored at Newleaf.
    • He says there will always be four Clans beside the Lake.
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