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Chapter Number: 24 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 293-301

Chapter Summary

Jayfeather's PoV

Jayfeather stumbles along the path, feeling blind after Dawnpelt's accusation that he had killed her brother, Flametail. Suddenly, Squirrelflight appears at his side and offers him to lean onto her. Too lulled by the comfort, Jayfeather forgets about their past quarrels. Squirrelflight tells him to ignore Dawnpelt because she is just a mad, grief driven cat. Jayfeather, on the other paw, isn't convinced.
When the medicine cat reaches the stone hollow he heads straight for his den, but Firestar stops him and reassures him that he has all the Clan supporting him. Jayfeather senses his leader's weariness and says nothing, only nodding at the ginger tom before retreating into his den. Briarlight greets him t the entrance, questioning how the Gathering was. Jayfeather snaps at her, and the she-cat is puzzled instead of offended, and she leans down to licks his fur. The blind tom, who is too tired to protest, falls asleep.
In his dreams, Yellowfang walks up to him and the medicine cat groans. Yellowfang lectures him for being disrespectful and then tells him that no cat in StarClan believes that he killed Flametail. While Jayfeather sneers silently at her, Yellowfang suddenly starts yelling at him for telling Cinderheart that she was a medicine cat before, and he protests, telling her that she had told him to do it. Yellowfang admits to be embarrassed, and notes that she made a mistake, and tells him that he must show her that she is destined to be a warrior. Jayfeather comments that having a second medicine cat in their Clan could be useful, and points out that it was just like Leafpool. Yellowfang objects, and they get into an argument over his former mentor. Yellowfang gives up in the end, and Jayfeather wakes up.
Briarlight greets him by putting a mouse in his nest and tells him to eat. The she-cat sympathizes him while he eats, and Jayfeather, touched by her loyalty, tells her to go and visit the nursery. When Briarlight is gone, Jayfeather finds Cinderheart and asks her to go out for a walk with him. The medicine cat then starts lecturing her about how she should be a warrior, not a medicine cat. The gray she-cat protests, and they suddenly start arguing over Lionblaze, Jayfeather thinks that Cinderheart is a mouse-brain for not going with Lionblaze, but she just gives up and thanks him. He and the warrior then sit beside the lake and Jayfeather feels peaceful, however he is reminded that times are turbulent, and this peace wouldn't last long.





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