The Forgotten Warrior
Chapter Number: 25 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 302-315
Point of View: Dovewing
Preceded: Chapter 24
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Chapter Number: 25 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 302-315

Chapter Summary

Dovewing's PoV

Dovewing awakes from a night's rest in the apprentices' den, noting how cold it's become. She realizes that her senses have woken her, and concentrates them to WindClan. Sol's voice is the first thing she hears, along with murmuring voices of a large group of cats. She hears Sol telling the WindClan cats to follow him, stating that the ThunderClan cats will still be asleep.
Dovewing scrambles out of her den and goes straight to Firestar's. She rouses him from sleep, warning him of the oncoming WindClan attack. Her leader awakes immediately, alert in an instant, slipping onto the Highledge to wake the Clan. He raises alarm that WindClan is attacking, yowling it to the entire camp.
Firestar then runs into the clearing, noting how the moon has set, but she can still see faint StarClan warriors in the sky. She lingers for a moment, before following her leader into the clearing. She sees warriors beginning to emerge from their dens, Daisy, who appears at the entrance to the nursery, before vanishing back inside, and Jayfeather, who pokes his head out of the medicine den.
Dovewing dashes back to her own den, meeting her sister, Ivypool, at the entrance. She notes Ivypool's ragged appearance, messy fur and a pained look in her eyes, immediately asking her sister if she is okay, and if something happened in the Dark Forest that night. Ivypool dismisses her quickly, pointing out that she is a warrior there, and she has to train the others. She insists that she is fine, and can still fight.
Hollyleaf follows her out of the den, prepared to fight. She runs into the middle of the clearing to join Firestar and Brambleclaw. Firestar announces that they will meet the WindClan cats in the tunnels, as the cats gather around him. He says that they will not let a WindClan cat set foot in their territory, then points out that the attacking cats have not trained to fight in the tunnels. He concludes by alerting the Clan of ThunderClan's obvious advantage.
Every cat is awake, ready to defend the Clan. Dovewing spots Brightheart and Foxleap running through new battle moves, while the new apprentices bounce up and down excitedly. She is still listening to the approaching WindClan warriors, but suddenly, the noise cuts off, and the image fades to nothing. She tells Firestar that they must hurry. She receives several surprised glances, knowing that the Clan knows nothing about her powers.
Hollyleaf comes over to her, saying that Lionblaze told her of Dovewing's powers. Dovewing affirms the older she-cat, realizing that it must be difficult for Hollyleaf not to have a part in the prophecy with her littermates. However, Hollyleaf twitches her tail and asks what WindClan is doing currently. Dovewing tells her that they've entered the tunnels, and answers Hollyleaf's next question- all the WindClan cats are in the same tunnel. She then informs Hollyleaf of the cats' enter into the cavern, and into another tunnel.
Hollyleaf says that she can probably work out where they are, and where they are likely to head, before turning to Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Lionblaze. She tells them that the Clan will split into three- one patrol will enter the tunnel above camp, the second will take the tunnel near the old Twoleg nest, and the third will go by the lake. She points out that their aim is to push the WindClan cats into the cavern with the river, because there will be more room to fight.
Brambleclaw gives her a nod, and begins to divide the warriors into patrols. He says that he'll lead one, Hollyleaf another, and Brackenfur can take the third. Cherrypaw and Molepaw object, stating that they have not been chosen for a patrol, and that they want to fight. Firestar interjects, saying that they are in his patrol, and are going to stay in the hollow to defend the elders and the nursery, if WindClan manages to break through.




Sol [1]
Ivypool [2]
Firestar [1]
Daisy [2]
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