"What do you want? Can't a cat get any sleep around here?"
Mousefur to Jayfeather in The Fourth Apprentice, page 26
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Chapter Number: 2 (of 26)
Page Numbers: 23-34

Chapter description

Jayfeather's PoV

While Jayfeather picks through the herbs in his storage cave, he thinks about how he should be stocking up for leaf-fall, but reminds himself that there is no fresh growth. He then remembers his time with Leafpool, who would tell him what to do, and wishes she had never resigned. While he is thinking about her resignment, a bitter memory from a few days before resurfaces.
Briarpaw bursts into his den, exclaiming that Firestar is injured. The gray tabby asks her what happened and where he is, with her replying that a fox got him near the dead tree on the ShadowClan border. Trying to sound confident, the medicine cat tells the apprentice to go find Leafpool while he goes to the border. Grabbing a few stems of horsetail, he races out the tunnel, towards the ShadowClan border, and on his way there, he remembers that his mother was no longer a medicine cat.
He scents Firestar's blood before he reaches the dead tree, and then finds the leader lying in a clump of ferns. Sandstorm and Graystripe crouch over him while Thornclaw keeps watch on top of a tree stump. As soon as the she-cat sees Jayfeather, she thanks StarClan and tells Firestar to hold on. The young medicine cat asks what happened as he runs his paw over the ginger tom's side, and discovers a long gash pulsing with blood. Graystripe explains that they were on a patrol when a fox leaped out at them. The gray tom adds that they chased it off, but his voice chokes before he could finish his sentence. Jayfeather then orders to find some cobwebs and begins to chew the horsetail he brought in order to make a poultice. The blind tom asks himself where Leafpool is, worried if he was doing the right thing.
The medicine cat patted the poultice on Firestar's wound and binds it with cobwebs Graystripe thrust into his paws. Unfortunately, before he finished, he hears the leader's breathing become slower and slower, until it slowed into a stop. Sandstorm whispers that he is losing a life, and Jayfeather goes on to finish putting the poultice in place, so Firestar would not lose any more blood when he recovered. Time seemed to slow as the tom tries to count up how many lives his leader had left, and worries that it might have been his last life. Just before he gives up hope, the ginger tom coughs and raises his head to thank Jayfeather, and he tells him he will be fine in a few heartbeats. Since the incident, the young tom has not been able to forgive himself. He does not see Leafpool until they are all within sight of the stone hollow, who reassures him that he did his best. This does not convince Jayfeather, as he knows Leafpool would have saved Firestar if she was there, and he then tells himself his leader lost of life because of him.
In the present, the medicine cat finishes sorting through the herbs, picks up a mouthful of ragwort, and sets off to the elders' den. When he enters, he finds Mousefur curled up near the trunk of the den, while Longtail and Purdy sit side-by-side in the shade, in which the latter is telling a story. The old loner stops, and asks Jayfeather what they can do for him. He commands the elders to eat the herbs he brought, dividing up the stems carefully into three. He explains that it is ragwort, and it will help keep their strength up. Purdy pads up to it and prods it with a paw, commenting that it looks funny to him. Hissing through gritted teeth, Jayfeather reaffirms his command to eat the ragwort, adding for Longtail to come eat them too. The blind elder agrees and licks up the herbs, and encourages the aging tom to eat them as well. The medicine cat notices that his voice is hoarse, his pawsteps unsteady, and suspects he is giving his share of food and water to Mousefur.
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