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Chapter Number: 1 (of 27)
Page Numbers: 5-14

Chapter Summary

Ivypool's PoV

Ivypool is in the Dark Forest, training her apprentices, Birchfall of ThunderClan, and Redwillow of ShadowClan. She remembers the death of Antpelt, a WindClan warrior, and when she scents blood, she warns them to stop. Hawkfrost appears, and tells her that the final battle won't be won with sheathed claws. After Ivypool demonstrates a move to Redwillow, Blossomfall of ThunderClan and Hollowflight of RiverClan appear, with their mentor, Applefur of ShadowClan, who declares that her apprentices want to fight real Dark Forest warriors because they can fight regular old Clan cats any day. After Hawkfrost explains to the apprentices that they must learn the other moves of the Clans, Tigerstar, one of the senior-most members of the Dark Forest appears, echoing the law of the Dark Forest: "Four Clans will unite as one when it matters most." Tigerstar orders the Clan cats to go back to their nests, for the senior warriors have a special meeting.
However, Ivypool wants to attend, but Mapleshade refuses to let her, saying that while she still has the taste of living prey on her tongue, she is not one of the senior warriors of the Dark Forest. As the Clan cats fade, Ivypool confronts Hawkfrost, but the answer is still no, and he walks away to join Tigerstar. Ivypool follows him anyways, near the training rock, and listens to the senior warriors' plans. Brokenstar is drawing out a map with his claws, plotting where to strike in the final battle with them against the Clans and StarClan. Tigerstar jabs the map with a claw, suggesting that they strike at the very heart of the Clan. Mapleshade points out once the kits are dead, their mothers will have less to fight for. Brokenstar declares that it is decided.
Suddenly, paws shake Ivypool violently, and she turns to find her sister, Dovewing, who has the knowledge that Ivypool is spying on the Dark Forest for her and Lionblaze and Jayfeather - the three cats in the Prophecy of the Three. Ivypool is furious that Dovewing woke her up, for she was about to see Brokenstar's plans. The ThunderClan she-cat walks out of camp, and has a vision of a Dark Forest attack. Sudden knowledge hits Ivypool, and she realizes that all the battle skills in the Place of No Stars would not be enough to stop the unrelenting tide of death.





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