"This has nothing to do with Brokenstar. Lionblaze should have never been born. [Hollyleaf is] dead, now it's your turn, Lionblaze."
Breezepelt in The Last Hope page 308

The Last Hope
Chapter Number: 26 (of 27)
Page Numbers: 297-320
Point of View: Dovewing
Preceded: Chapter 25
Next: Chapter 27

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Chapter Number: 26 (of 27)
Page Numbers: 297-320

Chapter Summary

Dovewing's PoV

ThunderClan has just survived the first attack from the Dark Forest warriors. Dovewing catches her breath as she hears the paw steps of a second patrol pounding towards the camp. She tries not to hear them coming and attempts to block the noise out and focus on what was happening in the clearing.
As she looks around she hears Mousefur comment that the Dark Forest warriors went straight for the kits, pointing out with her tail to the tattered barrier that had protected the queens and kits. Dovewing cleans her muzzle, and scents fresh blood coming from outside the camp. A few moments later Ivypool and Tigerheart stagger into the clearing with the limp figure of Hollyleaf between them. Ivypool tells the Clan about how Hollyleaf saved her from being killed and Dovewing shudders at the thought of imagining it. Many cats gather around the dying warrior as Leafpool tries to save her, but Jayfeather says she has lost too much blood. Hollyleaf dies and Leafpool mourns for her daughter.
Dovewing bows her head when three cats come charging into the hollow. She recognizes Birchfall, Blossomfall and Mousewhisker, fearing that they may be leading an attack on the Clan. With the Clan bristling, they speak about how they came to warn the Clan and that they have seen the patrol of Dark Forest cats. Unfortunately, the patrol arrives only moments later, crushing the remains of the broken thorns and brambles.
As Dovewing realizes they are outnumbered, Lionblaze and the ThunderClan patrol come with reinforcements: the Ancients and Midnight. Even with the new surge of allies, ThunderClan is outnumbered with the other patrols from the other Clans. StarClan arrives pushing the living cats aside, telling them it is not a reunion as Dovewing and Cinderheart fight with Darkstripe. A Dark Forest warrior is seen killing Mousefur as Longtail quickly nudges her with his muzzle before; his eyes blazing with rage; goes back and plunges into battle. Molepaw and Cherrypaw appear running into the midst of the battle stating that the other Clans were winning the war and are sent for more reinforcements.
When the cats chase the cowardly Dark Forest warriors off, Sandstorm and Dovewing join the chase. Mapleshade suddenly shows herself from behind a clump of ferns and attacks Sandstorm while claws grab Dovewing as Mapleshade screeches her revenge to the ginger warrior. When Sandstorm is almost killed, Spottedleaf flings Mapleshade away, but in the fight her throat is sliced open. Firestar explodes from the ferns, grabbing Mapleshade and throwing her backward. Mapleshade pelts up the slope with Sandstorm hard on her paws while Firestar crouches beside Spottedleaf's body, sobbing that she promised she would wait for him in StarClan.
When they race back to camp, Brightheart and Daisy are seen sinking their teeth into a Dark Forest warrior and as they head to defend the nursery, Ferncloud is killed there by Brokenstar. As Brokenstar lunges for the approaching cats, Yellowfang leaps onto him and breaks his spine. When the Dark Forest warriors see him dead, they all retreat. Hawkfrost staggers into the hollow and Ivypool attacks him but Brambleclaw kills him. Tigerstar appears beside the medicine cats' den snarling and taunting Firestar as he gets ready to attack.




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