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Chapter Number: 8 (of 27)
Page Numbers: 84-96

Chapter Summary

Lionblaze's PoV
Lionblaze pads back to camp, thinking if he should tell Hollyleaf that she is the fourth cat. His mind has been spinning ever since Jayfeather told them about the Tribe's prophecy. He thinks more, wondering if she wasn't the fourth cat and if he would tell her something false. He tries to think about something else and glances over his shoulder. Sorreltail and Squirrelflight are padding after him, and no troubles stirred up while the trio patrolled.
As Squirrelflight and Sorreltail talk, Lionblaze is wondering if the Clans do need a fourth cat, and if StarClan believes in him, since his destiny is to save the lake cats. He feels a pang at the thought of his destiny changing too, before entering camp to find Firestar, asking about their patrol. He reports that ShadowClan hasn't crossed the border, and WindClan has well-marked scent lines.
The ThunderClan leader prompts if there's anything else, and Lionblaze knows he's hinting about the Dark Forest warriors, but doubts they can come into the living world, then recalls Ivypool's wounds. He heads off to the warriors' den, and settles beside Cinderheart, although he keeps fidgeting. She tells him not to, and after some brief chat, they go out for a walk, which makes Lionblaze hopeful.

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