"My name is Graystripe. I'm a ThunderClan warrior. And I'll die before I let these cats suffer any longer."
Graystripe introducing himself to the reader in The Lost Warrior, page 8-9
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Chapter Number: Prologue (of 4)
Page Numbers: 7-13

Chapter Summary

Graystripe's PoV

A gray cat looks at the forest, his home, which was beautiful before the Twolegs came and ripped it apart. He thinks about how they are now trying to capture cats who live there and only StarClan knows what will happened to them.
The Twolegs putting cages into the monster, and the gray thinks of how some cats are rogues, but how many belong to ThunderClan. He introduces himself as Graystripe, a ThunderClan warrior who would die before he lets these cats suffer any longer. He runs after a Twoleg carrying a cage and scratches his leg, making the Twoleg drop his cage and let the cat in it escape. More cats enter the monster to help free cats, and Graystripe notes that his plan of him distracting the Twolegs while Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, Rainwhisker, and Thornclaw go into the monster is working. One of the Clan cats tries to free a one-eyed cat's cage, but the cat tells her rescuer to leave. The rescuer tells Brightheart that they won't go without her. Brightheart pleads them to go, but Graystripe comes onto the monster and tells the rescuer to leave.
The monster starts moving, and Graystripe has no choice but to knock the rescuing cat out of the monster. Graystripe works hard and manages to open Brightheart's cage and free her. She jumps out, but right after, the monster's back door slams shut, leaving Graystripe captured.




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