"I couldn't resist kittens down on their luck. C'mere."
— The old she-cat offering food to Tiny in The Rise of Scourge, page 38
The Old She-cat
The Old She-cat.rogue
Current: Rogue[1]
Rogue: Unknown[1]
Book Appearances
Living: The Rise of Scourge

The Old She-cat is a scrawny, light-colored[1] she-cat[2] with long, frazzled whiskers, unkempt fur, white ear tips, a white muzzle,[1] and a top right tooth poking out of her mouth.[3]


In the Stand-Alone Manga

Rise of Scourge

Just as Tiny is chased away by rogues over food, the old she-cat shouts to Tiny, calling him little bit. She asks if he's lost and wants something to eat. She nibbles on a bone as Tiny asks if she doesn't mind sharing. She replies that she can't resist kittens down on their luck, thus inviting Tiny to partake in the meal. As Tiny eats some of the food, he states it is delicious and asks what it is. The old she-cat answers that it is chicken, and she is surprised that he doesn't know that despite being a kittypet.
Tiny tells her he keeps hearing the word kittypet, and asks what it is. The old she-cat replies it's what cats like he is; cats that live with Twolegs. She states the collar Tiny is wearing gives it away. She also tells that she would ask what Tiny is doing out there, but it's none of her business. Tiny tries and struggles to take the collar off, and other rogues gather and laugh at him while the old she-cat just watches. The next day, Tiny cannot find the old she-cat and asks to share food with different cats.


The Old She-cat: "Hey! You! Little bit. Yeah, you heard me, you lost? Want something to eat?"
Tiny: "You… you don’t mind sharing?"
The Old She-cat: "I couldn’t resist kittens down on their luck. C’mere."
—The Old She-cat offering food to Tiny Rise of Scourge, page 38

Tiny: "This is delicious. What is it?"
The Old She-cat: "Chicken. I'm surprised you don't know, you being a kittypet and all."
Tiny: "I keep hearing that word, what's a “kittypet”?"
The Old She-cat: "It's what you are. Cat that lives with the Twolegs. That collar gives it away. I would ask what you're doing out here, but hey…none of my business."
—The Old She-cat and Tiny talking about kittypets Rise of Scourge, page 38

"The next day, I can't find the old she-cat who let me share her chicken…"
—Tiny after he met the old she-cat Rise of Scourge, page 43

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