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Chapter Number: 5 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 51-60

Chapter Summary

Lionkit's PoV

Lionkit wakes up in his nest. A draft ruffles his golden fur, and he wonders where his brother, Jaykit, is. He feels sick at the memory of Jaykit laying limp in the clearing, but tries to assure himself that he'll be fine. He sees Leafpool and Brambleclaw crouched over his brother's limp shape, and for a moment Lionkit thinks he's dead. A shiver runs down his spine, and turns to wake Hollykit, who sleeps next to him.
He whispers to his sister that it's cold in the nest without Jaykit, but she murmurs that he'll be back soon. Lionkit retorts against her words, saying it was weird without their brother. Hollykit simply tells Lionkit to go back to sleep, and rolls over, drifting back into her rest. Her brother feels a tug of sorrow, knowing that Jaykit should always be with him and Hollykit.
The golden kit closes his eyes, but Jaykit's shape fills his thoughts again. Telling himself that it was his fault, Lionkit thinks that his brother could be dead. The fox cubs had chased him, or could've found the hollow. Another possibility is Jaykit could've been laying on the ground, dead. He stands up, needing fresh air. He peeks over to where Daisy sleeps. He sees that her cream fur blends into Ferncloud's gray pelt. Ferncloud's whiskers twitch as she dreams, with her kits snuggled against her flank comfortably.
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  • Ferncloud is mistakenly described as being dark gray.[3]

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