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Chapter Number: 7 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 73-89

Chapter Summary

Hollykit's PoV 

After Hollykit's declare of wanting to train as a medicine cat, Lionkit stares at her in surprise, and asks her why. Hollykit snaps at him, and Lionkit seems uninterested in the thought of becoming a medicine cat, and says she'd always be stuck in camp, treating injuried cats.
The black she-cat doesn't want to know what she would be missing, and Hollykit just tells Lionkit about how much she would know. She meows that she'd see StarClan, learn all about herbs. She asks her brother would could be more exciting than that, but Lionkit exclaims that fighting ShadowClan would be. Hollykit insists that she want to have dreams like Leafpool and Willowpaw, then Lionkit starts teasing her that she does have dreams, about hedgehogs.
Hollykit then proceeds to playfully pounce on Lionkit. As they started to wrestle, Squirrelflight scolds them for making the fresh-kill pile dusty with their roughhousing and sends them back to the nursery. Hollykit protests, complaining that she hasn't eaten yet, so Squirrelflight tells her to get herself and Ferncloud something to eat. While walking away, Squirrelflight says, half to herself, that she hope that Thornclaw knows that he's leading the sunhigh patrol. Hollykit says that Squirrelflight should go remind him, since she's clearly keeping an eye on everybody. Squirrelflight asks her to repeat what she said, but Hollykit claims to have said nothing. Hollykit exclaims to Lionkit that Squirrelflight is always ruining their fun, but Lionkit replies that she's just busy. Hollykit agrees reluctantly.
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