Sky Oak

The Sky Oak, or the Ancient Oak, is the tallest tree in the ThunderClan lake territory.[1] It is very old and its branches are long and close together. Its roots jut out from the ground. It also sheds acorns nearly every greenleaf, and when it does, a regular supply of prey can be found there. This is also where ThunderClan began to use their tree-climbing abilities for battle.


The Sky Oak is located on the edge of the lake, south of the ThunderClan camp, about halfway between the Moonpool stream and the WindClan border.[2] It is an important landmark in ThunderClan territory. ThunderClan apprentices learn to climb here and/or hunt.


The Sky Oak is enormous, stretching high above every other tree.[3] In leaf-fall, an abundant supply of prey can be found beneath it because of all the acorns. Apprentices usually come here to practice tree climbing just like they did with the Great Sycamore back at the forest. There are burrows beneath the roots, used by the cats first exploring the lake to take shelter from the heavy rain.[2] Just outside the burrows beneath the roots rests a bramble bush.[4]

Book mentions

In The New Prophecy arc


While searching for territories around the lake, Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, Tawnypelt, Mistyfoot and Crowfeather shelter from the rain underneath the Sky Oak's huge roots.[2]

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

A dead female fox is found,[5] and Jaykit, Lionkit and Hollykit follow the milk-scent to find the cubs. After the fox chases Jaykit through the forest, he falls into the hollow.
Later, Jaypaw says that Mousefur is older than the Sky Oak.[6] The tree is also used at the climbing contest during the Daylight Gathering, agreed on by all Clans at a night-time Gathering.
While the competition is going on, Heatherpaw is said to have climbed to the top of the Sky Oak.
This is also where the Daylight Gathering was held.[7]

Dark River

Mousepaw climbs the tree, in pursuit of a squirrel, determination nagging at him, but gets stuck.[8] Cinderpaw follows him up the tree and tries to help him, saying that she sees an easy route. As a bird calls an alarm, Mousepaw loses his balance. Cinderpaw manages to save Mousepaw, but loses her balance and falls to the ground, breaking her leg.[8]
Just like Cinderpelt in her accident, it is the same limp leg that Cinderpaw has. Hollypaw, who was with them, is ordered to go back to camp to get Leafpool and Jaypaw.[9]

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