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Chapter Number: 9 (of 26)
Page Numbers: 125-140

Chapter Summary

Gray Wing's PoV

The sun rises higher as the cats make their way beside the bank of the river. Huge stretches of green grass lay along their route, enclosed by bushes or the weird shiny meshes. Sheep watch them curiously as they pass and Gray Wing is unnerved by their stares. He can see his companions feel the same. Shaded Moss takes the lead as before, with Clear Sky and Tall Shadow beside him. Soon he pauses under a large tree and gathers the other cats around him.
Shaded Moss begins that now that they're not high up, it's impossible to see much of the route ahead, but they'll head straight for the point where the sun rises. He gestures with his tail and adds it will lead them to the pointed stones. Gray Wing looks at the place his leader indicates. The ground ahead still leads gently downward and just visible on the horizon were dark peaks outlined against the bright sky. He thinks to himself it's an awfully long way off, with a prickle of apprehension.
Jagged Peak gulps that they'll never get that far. He glances up at Gray Wing, his blue eyes full of misgivings, and says their paws will be worn away to nothing. Shaded Moss encourages Jagged Peak by saying it's just one step at a time. As they continue, they still cling to the riverbank. Gray Wing wonders if he's the only one comforted by the sound of running water. Though it is much softer than the waterfall it's almost the only familiar thing in this strange land. Cloud Spots and Dappled Pelt sniff at the lush clumps of herbs hanging over the water. Dappled Pelt's whiskers quiver with excitement as she spots each new patch of growth. In several places, the lines of thick bushes stretch down to the water's edge and cats had to push their way through, their pelts catching on thorns and sharp twigs. Small birds fly up in twittering flocks, startled by the cats' presence.
The first time they see the birds, Moon Shadow and Hawk Swoop spring forward - only to halt, confused, when Shaded Moss calls them back. He tells them they're not hungry yet and there's no need to waste prey. Moon Shadow and Hawk Swoop exchange bewildered glances and Moon Shadow mews it seems so wrong letting prey escape. Gray Wing remembers the rabbit they had been unable to finish and for once, he thinks the black tom has spoken for all of them. Jackdaw's Cry walks beside Gray Wing, staring around wide-eyed. He says the grass is so soft and there are so many creatures, not just the sheep but birds too. Then the excitement fades from his voice when he finishes with wondering about what else might be hiding in the bushes, shivering as he speaks.
Understanding what Jackdaw's Cry means, he murmurs to him to not forget they're faster than most animals and they can run away for safety. But all the cats were walking closer together now, flinching at sudden noises, and Gray Wing wonders how long they could continue under this kind of stress. Being able to run away didn't seem as reassuring as it should have. His ears flick forward when he hears a rumbling sound that grows louder with every paw step. It comes from the other side of a dense, bristly line of bushes. Tasting the air he picks up a strong, acrid scent. Jagged Peak asks what's the smell, passing his tongue over his jaws like he'd tasted buzzardfood. Shaded Moss draws the cats together with a gesture of his tail and says he doesn't know but instructs the group to keep together until they find out what they're facing.
The fur on Gray Wing's shoulders rise. Looking around at his denmates, he sees they were bristling too, eyes wide.
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