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Chapter Summary

No specified point of view; third-person

The story begins with the tale of the four Clans that lived in the forest. It is said that each of these Clans defended a territory that was best suited to their hunting skills and abilities. Those who liked to chase and eat rabbits lived underneath an open sky, up on the moorland. Those cats who wished to get their fur wet to catch the fish that lived within the river settled beside it. The cats who lived in the dense forest were those who wished to hunt squirrels and mice that scuttled in the undergrowth. The fourth Clan consisted of bold and cunning cats. This group made their home in the marshlands, underneath pine trees, and they had a taste for the frogs that lived there. The story goes on to mention yet another Clan, and these were the cats that hunted among trees. This group of cats, however, made their home among a sandy gorge when their home was destroyed by Twolegs.
Before those five Clans existed yet another group of cats, who lived deep in the mountains, beneath a tumbling waterfall. They'd fled their previous home in hopes of finding a more peaceful way of life, free of dogs who opted to chase the cats instead of the sheep that roamed the area. These cats happened to be the same ones who are the long forgotten ancestors of the four modern Clans.
Those same four Clans eventually made their way back to the lake, having being chased out of their old territory by Twolegs wanting to make way for yet another Thunderpath. Unbeknownst to the four Clans, who believed that they were the very first cats to settle there, this territory would prove to be the very same land where their ancestors first lived.
Everywhere the cats went, layers upon layers of history existed, some of it known by the Clans, and some of it long-forgotten. Some of it had even been discovered in the most unexpected ways, having being set by many generations of cats. The introduction ends by inviting the reader to listen to the stories of the Clans, and walk with the noble warriors who lived in these groups of cats.



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