"In spite of everything, we carved out a life for ourselves and found a way to survive everything the mountains could hurl at us- until Sharptooth came, and we found ourselves as helpless as prey, waiting for the silver cat to save us."
Stoneteller on the Tribe in The Ultimate Guide, page 151
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Chapter Summary

Stoneteller's PoV

The Tribe of Rushing Water is shaped by the mountains that are home. They are quick-moving, lithe, and the color of stone, blending into rocks. Their names echo the beauty all around: the peaks outlined against the sky, the dazzle and foam from the waterfall, and the clouds that drift high, or lie heavy in the summit. As Teller of the Pointed Stones, the leader and healer of the cats living behind the waterfall, it is his duty to speak with their ancestors, or read signs in moonlight reflected in a pool, and the dripping water and riffling wind. The Clan cats gaze into the sky for signs, whilst the Tribe looks down, into the pool of shining water, hidden away in a cave. The first cats to settle in the cave journeyed from the lake, and wonders if the Clan cats know they come full circle, for it was mountain cats who found new refuge in the woods, where the Clans lived for many moons.
At first, the settlers struggled in the mountains, punished by the relentless wind, and the eagles who preyed upon them, before the cats can get food. The cats began dividing their skills, with the bigger, tougher, and stronger cats protecting the ones who were skilled in finding food. The hunters were named prey-hunters, and the big cats were hailed as cave-guards, with the young becoming to-bes, for soon they'd take on either role. In spite of all this, the mountain dwellers found new hope, surviving the harsh weather, and the cruelty of what the moutain would hurl at them. That is, until Sharptooth arrived, and turned the group into helpless prey, and waited for the silver cat to come save them.




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