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Chapter Summary

Brambleclaw's PoV

Brambleclaw gasps in shock as he touched his nose to the Moonpool. Jayfeather says that he will get used to it, or his nose will go numb. Brambleclaw tries to lie more comfortably on the stones, and he quivers with excitement as well as exhaustion from the long journey and the battle with the Place of No Stars. Grief for Firestar drags at his pelt and stings his eyes, but he knows this moment would come: where he would get his own nine lives and become the leader of ThunderClan.
Jayfeather hisses at Brambleclaw to stop wriggling, and to close his eyes and wait for StarClan to come to him. Brambleclaw tucks his paws under his chest and lets his muzzle fall a little deeper into the Moonpool. The shock of icy water battles against a wave of tirdeness that washes over him before he lets himself slip into sleep. Almost at once the sound of whispers makes him sit up and look around. He asks himself who was disturbing him and that he was supposed to be sharing tongues with StarClan.
He still is in the hollow where the Moonpool was, but the slopes were filled with rows of cats, glowing and murmuring. Brambleclaw feels himself gaping as he saw cats so familiar, they tore at his heart. Soft footsteps sound behind him, and he turns to see Jayfeather, who's eyes were clear and focused on Brambleclaw. He meows that he can see, and Jayfeather nods, saying he can see in his dreams. Jayfeather then asks if he is ready for the ceremony, and Brambleclaw nods. Jayfeather seems old and calm, as if being amoung the dead cats was as normal as being around his clanmates. He feels a flash of pride, remembering he raised Jayfeather as his son, and how Jayfeather has done so well.
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