"It'll be fine. Every cat knows that Emberstar's closest friend is Thistletail, in ThunderClan. If any cat understands that friendships don't stop at the border of a territory, it's Emberstar."
Ryewhisker about Thistletail in Code of the Clans, page 12

Thistletail is a cat with an unknown description and gender.


In the Field Guides arc

Code of the Clans

Thistletail is an ancient ThunderClan cat.
Thistletail does not formally appear, but is mentioned by Ryewhisker, while he is talking to his mate, Cloudberry. Ryewhisker tells Cloudberry that Thistletail is Emberstar's best friend, despite Emberstar being RiverClan's leader. Ryewhisker uses the bond between Emberstar and Thistletail as an example that Clan boundaries don't separate friendships.

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