"Thrushwing had rejoined the battle and, in spite of an injured leg, fought like TigerClan to avenge the death of her brother."
— Narrator about Thrushwing in Secrets of the Clans, page 33
Current: StarClan[1]
Past: WindClan[2]
StarClan Resident:
Brother: Stoneclaw
Book Appearances
Living: Secrets of the Clans, Fire and Ice

Thrushwing is a s tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.[3]


In the The Prophecies Begin Arc

Fire and Ice

After WindClan finally finds a place to stop after being driven out, Tallstar orders Deadfoot and Onewhisker to see if they can find any food, noting there's likely to be rats around because of the nearby Twolegs. Ashfoot spits that rats are no better than crowfood, and Thrushwing hisses at her that they're better than starving to death.
In a more gentle tone, Thrushwing continues on that the Clan needs a new place to settle, and Morningflower needs to rest and eat for her kits that are going to be born soon.

In the Field Guide Arc

Secrets of the Clans

Thrushwing is a newly named WindClan warrior, and she is sitting vigil with her brother, Stoneclaw, who became a warrior with her. Stoneclaw notices something beyond the bushes, and as he wonders whether he should call for help, a ShadowClan cat jumps out and slashes his throat. She watches in horror as his life bleeds out of him. She shrieks a warning cry, but the air is knocked out of her lungs as a large cat pounces on her, causing her voice to temporarily die under the weight. She feels the large cat's teeth stab her neck as ShadowClan rush into WindClan camp.
Despite having an injured leg, Thrushwing fights like TigerClan to avenge the death of her brother. WindClan fights as hard as they can against the invaders, but Tallstar orders them to abandon camp in fear they'd be destroyed if they stayed. Thrushwing is seen leaving camp after Morningflower, leaning on Onewhisker for support.

Character Pixels

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Stoneclaw:[2] Deceased, Verified StarClan member

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