"Rowanstar makes rules about who's allowed in the Clan and who isn't. But he's old and set in his ways. He needs to learn that we're all just cats. We all want the same thing--to hunt and live in peace. But he's so busy defending his borders, he's forgotten that."
Needlepaw to Darktail about Rowanstar in Thunder and Shadow, page 106

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Chapter Number: 5 (of 24)
Page Numbers: 96-106

Chapter Summary

Violetkit's PoV

Violetkit gazes across the den, unable to sleep. She sees her foster siblings, all nestled together with Grassheart, noting that they were still too tiny to play. Violetkit's heart aches as she remembers how she and Twigkit used to sleep like them, and thinks that now she was lonely. Violetkit wonders if she was the only one awake in the nursery, and remembers how the night patrol murmured a report to Crowfrost before going to their dens. She also notes that Bramblestar's warning of the rogues spawned some rumors, Dawnpelt predicting they were just kittypets, but Violetkit feels nervous about the rogues. The she-kit thinks of Needlepaw, her friend, and wonders why she can't move to the apprentices' den, so she could be with her. A pair of eyes gleam at the nursery entrance, and Violetkit's hackles rise, until she realizes it's Needlepaw, and slides from her nest. Needlepaw tells her to be quick and come with her, leading the kit from camp. Violetkit hopes she's taking her to meet Twigkit again, and gets excited. Violetkit spots another cat, and recognizes it as Sleekpaw, Needlepaw's denmate, and believes Needlepaw is bringing her along to be safe. They meet up with the rogues, and Violetkit is disappointed that her friend wasn't talking her to meet her sister, but soon gets frightened at the sight of Darktail.
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