Thunderstar's Echo
Author: Unknown[1]
Cover Artist: Unknown
Publish Date: 11 April 2017[2]
Identification: Unknown
Editions: Paperback
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Preceded by: Moth Flight's Vision
Followed by: Cloudstar's Journey

Thunderstar's Echo is the twelfth e-book novella attributed by HarperCollins.[3] It will feature a character from the Dawn of the Clans arc.[4]


In the earliest days of ThunderClan, its first leader faces down a new threat—and forges a new tradition for all the warrior Clans.

Detailed Plot Summary

Thunderstar watches Snail Shell run after a vole, and return with the vole in his mouth. The ginger tom nods approvingly, and praises Owl Eyes for training him so well. Owl Eyes replies that the tom was eager to learn, and the dappled gray cat asked Thunderstar if he saw how he pounced. He says that he used to land short of the prey, but then Owl Eyes told him to land in front of the prey, and he'd get it every time. Apple Blossom remarks that she never needed to be told that, because her pounces were always good. Her mentor, Lightning Tail, replies it took her a bit of time to scent her prey, and that she should show Thunderstar what she's learned. The orange-and-white she-cat says she smells a mouse and a rabbit and the leader congratulates her, asking what she should hunt. Apple Blossom thinks on it, saying the mouse would be easier to catch, but the rabbit would fill more cats.
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  • This book was released in early 2017,[5] and it is about a character from the Dawn of the Clans arc.[6] Since Vicky is not writing this novella,[7] she is unaware as to whom it is about.[8]
  • The novella was initially titled Thunder's Echo.[9]
    • It is still called Thunder's Echo on the digital cover of Legends of the Clans, but was fixed on the paperback cover.


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Thunderstar's Echo chapters
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