Tigerclaw's Fury
Chapter Number: 2 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 21-28
Point of View: Tigerclaw
Preceded: Chapter 1
Next: Chapter 3

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Chapter Number: 2 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 21-28

Chapter Summary

Tigerclaw's PoV

The air beneath the pine trees grows colder and the ground beneath Tigerclaw starts to feel damp, which he licks to get some of the moisture, before heaving himself to his paws. He knows he can't stay where he was, since ThunderClan's evening patrol would come soon. Tigerclaw didn't want to see pity in his Clanmates eyes if they found him still in their territory, wounded and exhausted.
Tigerclaw winces with every step as he goes deeper into the pine trees. He stays away from Twolegplace and their curious kittypets and instead heads for a wooden den behind a tall fence of pine trunks. He squeezes through the fence, leaving a smear of blood on the post. He then crawls through a rabbit-sized hole into the wooden den. He smells a faint hint of mouse, but he is to weak to pursue it.
Tigerclaw gives himself a silent warrior, saying that he is starving because he is to weak to feed himself. His belly rumbles, but he ignores it and presses his cheek deeper into the soil. He knows that sleep is the most important thing, and as soon as he is rested, he can begin to destroy ThunderClan. He dreams he is on fire, the claw marks Fireheart had left him scorched. Tigerclaw thrashes around, but sleep keeps him into a semi-conscious daze, before Tigerclaw's world became a blur of pain and toutured sleep.
He then dreams that he is surrounded by claws and teeth snapping and clawing at him. A tiny voice inside his head says to not let Fireheart and Bluestar catch him, or he will be crushed like a bug.





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