"Keep the dumb kits. Let them grow up wild. I don't care."
— Tom disowning his kits in The First Battle, page 208

Tom is a big,[5] ragged,[6] broad-shouldered,[7] copper-colored[8] tom[5] with a thick pelt colored like autumn leaves,[9] and a nick in his ear.[10] He has a dark moleskin muzzle,[8] a broad face,[11] and a thick, feathery tail.[12]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

Thunder Rising

When Turtle Tail returns from Twolegplace, she explains to Gray Wing that another cat had joined her and Bumble not long after she decided to live with the latter. She notes that her Twolegs were carrying a large tom, and that the tom had lived with another Twoleg prior, but one day, they stopped feeding him. Turtle Tail then adds that he went to live with other cats, but they were cooped up together, and notes that his name was Tom. Gray Wing comments that he could never understand Twolegs, as they named a tom Tom, and Turtle Tail continues that Tom then went to live with Bumble and Turtle Tail. Gray Wing inquires if Tom was friendly, and Turtle Tail remarks that they got along, but she had to leave.
Gray Wing notices Turtle Tail's swollen belly, and asks her how it happened. Turtle Tail explains she thought Tom was friendly, but once she was expecting kits, he changed. She notes that he didn't have any plans for the kits, and neither Bumble or Tom would admit something was wrong. Turtle Tail discovered that Bumble was also asked by Tom not to inform Turtle Tail of the truth. When Bumble pleads to join the group, she explains that her injuries were caused by Tom, as he turned against and blamed her for telling Turtle Tail the truth. She also avers that he swiped and scratched her when their Twolegs didn't notice. Once Bumble speaks to Tall Shadow, she explains that Tom was pushing her around, and Tall Shadow asks why he attacked her. Bumble replies that she thought he was angry due to Turtle Tail's departure, and Sparrow Fur asks who Tom is. After that, Tall Shadow asks if there was a way Bumble and Tom could live peacefully together, and Bumble shakes her head, stating that Tall Shadow should be stating that to Tom, and not herself.

The First Battle

Thunder first sees Tom at Bumble's grave. He approaches the kittypet, asking who he is. Tom gives him his name, and Thunder is dumbfounded at the fact that his name is simply a gender. They bicker for some time, but eventually, Thunder brings up Turtle Tail, peaking Tom's interest. Tom orders Thunder to fetch her, stating that he would not leave until he sees her. Seeing no choice but to obey, Thunder concedes, getting Turtle Tail to go to Bumble's grave with Tall Shadow, Gray Wing, and Thunder. At Turtle Tail's appearance, Tom begins to grow affectionate, but the fear on Turtle Tail is expressed through her body shaking. Gray Wing, at first, is jealous, but realizes that Turtle Tail is frightened of Tom due to his status as a bully. Tom says he misses her and their play fights, in order to spite her. Turtle Tail snaps at him that he was the only one who was ever playing. In order to trick Tom, Turtle Tail says that their kits Sparrow Fur, Pebble Heart, and Owl Eyes are scrawny, that they are poor things, nobody wants them, and she wasted her milk on them, in order to trick Tom into not wanting them himself. He growls about never wanting them anyways. He threatens to come back, and then he stalks away from the four moor cats after remarking he would've preferred Turtle Tail's death over Bumble's.
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The Blazing Star

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A Forest Divided

Thunder remembers Tom as a kittypet and the father of Turtle Tail's kits. He remembers that he stole the kits trying to make their mother suffer, who died trying to rescue them.

Path of Stars

Although unnamed, Gray Wing explains to Quiet Rain that she was carrying someone else's kits when they became mates. Quiet Rain asks whose and Gray Wing explains a kittypet, feeling bitter at the memory of the arrogant and selfish tom.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Tom is mentioned on Turtle Tail's page, and it is said Turtle Tail thought she could have a life with him, and became pregnant with his kits.


Interesting facts

  • Kate has stated on her blog that Tom took the kits not necessarily to abuse them, although she thinks he possibly would have, but to continue having control over Turtle Tail.[13]
    • She also believes that Tom had a sense of ownership over his kits, rather than affection for them, and that meant letting One Eye hurt them was unacceptable.[14]
  • Kate says that Tom probably walks in a kittypet sky after his death, where gentler kittypets are teaching him to be kinder.[15]


  • He was mistakenly called ginger,[16] and orange.[17]

Character pixels

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Turtle Tail (formerly):[18] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Owl Eyes:[18] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)
Pebbleheart:[18] Deceased, residence unknown


Sparrow Fur:[18] Living (As of Thunderstar's Echo)


Gray Wing
Turtle Tail
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Owl Eyes
Sparrow Fur

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Gray Wing: "So, how did that happen?"
Turtle Tail: "How do you think it happened? I made a mistake. I missed you all so much. Tom seemed strong and friendly, I thought I could move on and make a new life with him. But when I realized I was expecting kits, he...changed."
Gray Wing: "If he hurt you..."
Turtle Tail: "Oh, no! Tom was still friendly, but he didn't want to make any plans for the kits with me. And Bumble seemed uncomfortable any time I mentioned them. But neither of them would admit that anything was wrong."
—Turtle Tail on Tom after she became pregnant Thunder Rising, page 19

"It was Tom. He turned against me once you left, because he blamed me for telling you the truth. He's been bullying me; he swipes and scratches at me, but he's clever enough to do it where the Twolegs won't notice unless they look really hard."
—Bumble explaining to Turtle Tail and Gray Wing where her injuries came from Thunder Rising, page chapter 8

Lightning Tail: "Never come near the moor again. You'll regret it. Your kits will remember you as the cat who killed their mother. They won't follow you next time, and if any of us see you again, we'll shred you."
Thunder: "We'll shred you now, if you like."
—Lightning Tail and Thunder threatening Tom and warning him to never show his face again The First Battle, page 208

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