"Raincloud glanced at Twigtail, the medicine cat, who shook his head and looked as stunned as she felt."
— Narrator in Code of the Clans, page 125

Twigtail is a tom[1] with an unknown description.


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Twigtail is an ancient SkyClan medicine cat under the leadership of Darkstar.
At a Gathering during green-leaf, his leader, Darkstar, announces that he is going to give ThunderClan a portion of SkyClan's hunting ground. Twigtail, along with the rest of SkyClan, is shocked and outraged by Darkstar's generous offer, although he does not voice his opinion out loud. He shares a look with the SkyClan deputy, Raincloud, and shakes his head at her to show that he does not agree with their leader's decision. After this, Raincloud objects to the change of territory and, after Darkstar refuses to listen to her, a new law in the warrior code is formed: the word of a Clan leader is law.

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