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  • I live in Radiant Garden
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is crying over skeletons
  • I am worshipping Gym Leader Wallace
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"The little bird's wings have finally grown large
It's a day to take flight
The wide sea's warm color beckons in the distance
It's painful, just like a painting drawn within a dream
Would you like to try winding back time?
No no no, this moment is the greatest!"

μ’s, Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari, Love Live! School idol movie


Hello, my name is Berry. I'm from Australia, and I've been editing around on this wiki since 2012. My current edit count is 7,602, a number I'm always trying to bump up. I spend a lot of time on this wiki, but I am more likely to see messages over Skype, tumblr, or twitter. I also run @wwiki_txt. I'm stuck on mobile much of the time, but I still like to edit where I can.

My interests include Warriors of course, but it's not really my most loved thing anymore. That honour goes to Kingdom Hearts, a series I've been following for as long as I can remember. Final Fantasy is another of my interests, especially FFVI, FFVII, and FFXIII. Obviously, I like video games a lot, and my favourite genre is RPG, especially anything to do with Square Enix. I also really love I.T. and programming, and I'm currently taking an advanced I.T. class at my school. Coding (HTML and CSS) is my favourite branch of I.T.

Feel free to drop by and say hello if you'd like. I do take charart and signature requests, but I may be a little slow getting to them due to being on mobile. Have a lovely day, friend.

Project Characters

Loudbelly - Silver Nomination (07/14 FA, Gold) Reedtail - Silver Nomination
Mosspaw (SC) - Silver Nomination Volepaw (SC) - Silver Nomination
Bone - Silver Nomination Socks - Silver Nomination
Fall - Silver Nomination Rain - Silver Nomination
Rainfur (SC) - Silver Nomination (03/13 FA, Gold) Rage - Silver Nomination
Fury - Silver Nomination Primrosepaw - Silver Nomination
Stonetooth - Silver Nomination Curlkit - Silver Nomination
Podkit - Silver Nomination Tangleburr - Silver Nomination
Finchflight - Silver Nomination Jaggedtooth - Silver Nomination
Hawksnow - Silver Nomination Willow - Silver Nomination
Milkweed - Silver Nomination Lowbranch's Mother - Silver Nomination
Holly - Silver Nomination (With Sorrel) Rainfur (TC) - Silver Nomination
Chiveclaw - Silver Nomination Redthistle - Silver Nomination

Project Books

Enter the Clans - Silver Nomination Crookedstar's Promise/Chapter 1 - Silver Nomination
Firestar's Quest/Prologue - Silver Nomination Mistystar's Omen/Chapter 1 - Silver Nomination
Mistystar's Omen/Chapter 2 - Silver Nomination Mapleshade's Vengeance/Chapter 2 - Silver Nomination
The Darkest Hour/Chapter 9 - Silver Nomination Mapleshade's Vengeance/Chapter 3 - Silver Nomination
Cloudstar's Journey/Chapter 9 - Silver Nomination Goosefeather's Curse/Chapter 2 - Silver Nomination
Goosefeather's Curse/Chapter 3 - Silver Nomination Goosefeather's Curse/Chapter 4 - Silver Nomination

Project World

The Island - Silver Nomination

**!! PLEASE NOTE !!**
Quite a few of these have been tweaked/redone by others!!



File:Early Settlers.male.short.png File:Early Settlers.male.long.png


Cinderfur.kit Brackenfur.kit.alt Stumpytail.kit
Fernshade.kit Fox (DTC).kit Stagleap (TR).kit
Blue Whisker.kit


Berrynose.apprentice.alt2 Plumwillow.apprentice.alt Thornclaw.apprentice.alt
Mudfur.apprentice Stagleap (TR).apprentice


Cinderfur.warrior Stagleap (TR).warrior Redclaw.warrior.alt
Woollytail.warrior Tangleburr.warrior Stonetooth (BP).warrior

Medicine Cats


Hollyflower.queen Fernshade.queen


Antpelt (WC).rogue Rainfur (SC).rogue Shaded Moss.rogue
Bess.rogue Tangleburr.rogue


Pixie.kittypet Clovertail.kittypet


Dark Forest

Shredtail (OTS).df

Early Settlers

Clover (ES).es





Hailstar.apprentice Sagepaw (SC).apprentice Plumwillow.apprentice.alt


Cinderheart.warrior.alt Nightwhisper.warrior Halftail.warrior.alt

Medicine Cats


Cinderfur.deputy Snaketail (FQ).deputy Timberfur.deputy


Speckletail.queen Sunfish.queen


Troutclaw.elder Goosefeather.elder


Nightwhisper.rogue Antpelt (WC).rogue






Runningwind.kit Thornclaw.kit


Birchfall.apprentice.alt Thornclaw.apprentice.alt Thornclaw.apprentice


Webfoot.warrior Runningwind.warrior Rainfur (SC).warrior

Medicine Cats


Redstar.leader Rowanstar (BS).leader


Oatwhisker (WC).elder Webfoot.elder Troutclaw.elder


Redwillow.rogue Bone.rogue Leafstar.rogue


Ruby.kittypet Floss.kittypet

Prey Hunters


Rainfur (SC).star

Current: ShadowClan
Past: RiverClan
Age: 42 moons (3.5 years)
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Drowned by Birdfeather
Residence: StarClan
Dustclaw, Barkfoot, Nettlewhisker, Blackfeather

Mother: Dustclaw
Father: Birdfeather
Brothers: Graytail, Minnowfin

Mistcloud is a small, fluffy black-and-white she-cat with bright blue eyes and a scar on her right front upper leg. She is very playful, happy, and loves playing games with all of her kin and friends, but is a very vicious warrior and will do anything to protect said kin, friends, and her Clan.

Mistkit was born to Dustclaw and Birdfeather of RiverClan during leaf-fall along with her brothers Greykit and Minnowkit. Due to a vision received by the RiverClan medicine cat, Barkfoot, it was believed that Mistkit was to be the next medicine cat. However, Dustclaw did not want this, and made sure that Mistkit was trained as a warrior, and she would be her mentor. Later on, Mistpaw decided herself that she wanted to become a medicine cat, after overhearing an argument between Barkfoot and her mother. She was granted the name Mistcloud while still a medicine cat apprentice, and was very skilled as a medicine cat. Dustclaw and Birdfeather did not approve of this, and paid little attention to any feats that Mistcloud achieved. This made Mistcloud despise her parents, despite wanting a good relationship with them. She still kept a good relationship with her brothers, Greytail and Minnowfin.

While on their way home from a visit to the Moonstone, Mistcloud became lost and fell into a pit, where she received the scar on her leg. Barkfoot, panicked, searched everywhere for her, but due to his poor eyesight was unable to find her, and went back to RiverClan to ask for help in the search. She was found by ShadowClan's medicine cat, Nettlewhisker, and was brought back to their camp by the massive tom. They took her in and she trained under Nettlewhisker for a couple of moons, unbeknownst to the other Clans due to them not wanting anyone to find that they had taken in a RiverClan cat, before deciding again that this was not her path. She became a warrior of ShadowClan much to RiverClan's anger. During this time it was realised that the vision Barkfoot had was about Minnowfin, not Mistcloud, and he became the new RiverClan medicine cat apprentice.

Greytail and Minnowfin tried to convince Mistcloud to come back to RiverClan, as they'd overheard a conversation between Dustclaw and Birdfeather that sounded suspiciously like a plot to murder her. Mistcloud, happy with her new Clan, told them she would be fine, and would be able to handle herself should anyone attack her. Unfortunately, she was caught unawares during a battle between ShadowClan and RiverClan, and was drowned by her father. She was accepted into StarClan with open arms, while much later on, Dustclaw and Birdfeather went to the Place of No Stars for plotting to kill their daughter.

Mistcloud often visits Minnowfin in dreams, just to chat with him and make sure he, their brother, and the Clan really are safe. He always reports to Greytail about these dreams the morning after he wakes up.


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