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I've heard many users who use Pixlr, and if you were looking for a tutorial on that, you should leave now, for I have never, nor probably ever will, use Pixlr. I just got used to using GIMP (which is what I'll be teaching) before I joined PCA, so it's what I use. I'm going to assume you know how to use GIMP for this, no explaining what things do or where they are. If you'd like to learn, look at Insane's GIMP tutorial for help. She explains the tools and how to use layers really well :)

I also use Miscrosoft Paint, which is a free program that comes with every Windows computer. You don't need to use Paint, but it's what I do. You can do the same things (and more) on GIMP that you can do in Paint, so feel free to just skip where I use Paint and use GIMP instead. I will indicate every step in which I use Paint, just so you'll know.

Getting Started

Anyway, getting started. Go to PCA and select the blank you'll be using. I tend to do things the hard way and stick to them, so I use the snipping tool (which comes with Vista and Windows 7) and select the blank, then copy and paste it into Paint. Then, select the crop button in Paint (or press CTRL + Shift + x) and it will resize the image to the blank.

Solid Coloured Cats

Brown Warrior

File:Warriorlongm.gif Step 1: Find your blank (which I explained)

File:Brown1.pngStep 2: Add the eye colour and use the bucket tool to fill in the cat with colour. Now, for the eye, I like to put a darker colour in the middle and two lighter pixels of the same colour on either side of it. You may do it any way you want, but that's just me :)

Okay, now here is where (for solid colours) you insert the image into GIMP. On Paint, go to Select, then Select All. Copy the image (or press CTRL + c). Go to GIMP, click File, then underneath New, it should say Create, with a little arrow beside it. Hover over that, and then click on From Clipboard. Your image should show up, in its own layer. Be sure to right click on the layer and select Add Alpha Channel, or it won't be transparent.

On the subject of transparency, it's also explained in Insane's tutorial (link's at the top).

File:Brown2.pngStep 3: Okay, so create a new layer and do this <- using the Brush, circle fuzzy 15. Be sure to use black or it won't work. You can see there's some colour outside of the lineart and the shading looks really bad, that's fine, it'll be fixed when it's blurred.

File:Brown3.pngStep 4: Using the Smudge tool (circle fuzzy 15), blur the shading as much as you can.

File:Brown4.pngStep 5: Reduce the layer's opacity until the shading looks good. For this, it's at 21.6%, and looks good to me.

File:Brown5.pngStep 6: Add earpink and blur. (remember to use a new layer!)

And there you have it: a brown warrior.

Brown Leader

File:Leaderlm.pngStep 1: Add image into Paint.

File:Brown01.pngStep 2: Add eye colour, nose colour, and fur colour. The leaders come with white noses, so you must colour them in. Dark-coloured cats have darker noses (black ones have black noses), and lighter coloured cats have pink noses.

Add image into GIMP.'

File:Brown02.pngStep 3: Add shading.

File:Brown03.pngStep 4: Blur the shading.

File:Brown04.pngStep 5: Reduce the opacity. I put this one at 17.5%

File:Brown05.pngStep 6: Add earpink.

And you're done!

Tabby Cats

I use Paint for the eyes, adding coat colour, and drawing the stripes.

Tabby Warrior

File:Warriorlongm.gifStep 1: Add image into Paint (explained at the top).

File:Tabby01.pngStep 2: Add eye colour and base fur colour.

File:Tabby02.pngStep 3: Add tabby markings.

Now, add the image into GIMP.

File:Tabby03.pngStep 3: Blur the stripes. I use the Smudge tool on Circle 03.

File:Tabby04.pngStep 4: Add shading using the Brush on Circle fuzzy 15. Remember to add a new layer, it's much easier, and highly recommended, especially for tabby cats.

File:Tabby05.pngStep 5: Blur the shading. (Smudge tool, Circle fuzzy 15)

File:Tabby06.pngStep 6: Reduce the opacity of the layer. I put it at 28.5% for this one.

File:Tabby07.pngStep 7: Add earpink and blur it.

And there's your tabby warrior :D

Video Tutorial


And here's the finished product!

Tortoiseshell Cats

Dark Tortie Warrior

WarriorlongfStep 1: Add image into Paint.

File:Tortie01.pngStep 2: Just add some squiggly markings, using the pencil, with different colours. Make sure they look good together though!

File:Tortie02.pngStep 3: Using the bucket, fill in the markings. As you can see, it looks a little odd now, but it'll be fixed.

File:Tortie03.pngStep 4: Fill in the white with a darker brown colour. I also added a little more markings on some blank spots.

File:Tortie04.pngStep 5: Add image into GIMP. After making the background transparent, use the Select by Colour Tool, and select the lineart. Cut (CTRL + x) and paste (CTRL + z) the lineart, creating a new layer. Go to Layer, New Layer. Now, drag it so it's underneath the layer with the colour. Using the Select by Colour Tool again, select the lineart. Go back up to the coloured layer, select the brown of your base fur colour, and use the bucket to fill in the image so it looks like this. Don't worry about why I do this, it works.

File:Tortie05.pngStep 6: Go crazy with that Smudge Tool! Don't be afraid to really get in there ;)

File:Tortie6.pngStep 7: When you're done, reselect the lineart, go back up to the colour layer, and hit delete.

File:Tortie7.pngStep 8: Add shading.

File:Tortie8.pngStep 9: Blur.

File:Tortie9.pngStep 10: Reduce opacity. I put this at 57.6%, because I think dark shading looks good c:

File:Tortie10.pngStep 11: Now, this is one of those images that really needs highlights, so I went ahead, created a new layer and did this <----

File:Tortie11.pngStep 12: Wow, this is getting long, isn't it? Blur those suckers.

File:Tortie12.pngStep 13: Change the layer mode to Overlay and reduce opacity as you see fit. I put mine at 93.9%.

File:Tortie13.pngStep 14: Add earpink and erase any waste. I stared at this image for several seconds and it started to hurt my eyes, so I darkened the base colours using the Burn Tool.

You're done!


White Paws/Muzzle

These are often really fun to do just because I get to use the smudge tool a lot more freely. Check out Brackenfur's second alternate warrior for a good example.

WarriorlongfStep 1: Add image into Paint. I'm doing a female here just for fun :D

File:Paws1.pngStep 2: Add base fur colour and eye colour.

File:Paws2.pngStep 3: Add white paws and chest. You can do them however you want, this is just how I do the white muzzle, cutting across the eye.

Add image into GIMP.

File:Paws3.pngStep 4: Blur. It's kind of complicated how I get the white to a new layer, but here goes: After making the image transparent (see above), I use the Select by Colour Tool to select all of the white in an image. Then I cut the selection (CTRL + z), and re-paste it (CTRL + v), effectively starting a new layer. Create a new layer (don't ask why, it just works) and there you go. Now, select all the white in the paws layer and go back down to the layer you started on. Use the dropper tool to select the base fur colour, then use the bucket tool to fill in the now-transparent paws and muzzle. Now, staying on the same layer, use the Select by Colour Tool and select the lineart. Go back up to the paws layer and fill in all the lineart where white is with white. This will make blurring much easier. Next, deselect the lineart (magic wand tool anywhere outside the image) and select the smudge tool. Using the Circle 1, blur like so. Make sense? When you're done that, go back down to the base layer and select the lineart again. Go back up to the paws layer and just hit the delete button on your keyboard. You should get something like that <---.

File:Paws4.png Step 5: Add shading.

File:Paws5.png Step 6: Blur and reduce the opacity. I put this at 40.2%.

File:Paws6.png Step 7: Add earpink.

Done! If you have a question about my tutorial, feel free to leave a message on my talk page. I know I'm terrible at explaining things, so go ahead and ask if I'm not clear.

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