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Icestorm's Tutorial

Hello. New to the Project Character Art, heh? Well this tutorial will help you with Chararts.

Before we Get Started

Before we get started, you will need a blank from the PCA page First reserve your cat your going to do, edit "Current Projects" put your cat there with the date you added it next to your user name. Then, get the blank, scroll down into you find images of blank cats. Click your cat's rank. (Warrior short male, Loner long female ect) click on it. Wait until it brings you to the file, then save it to your computer.

Getting Started

Go to your art program that you downloaded. The main most used are Pixlr, GIMP, and Photoshop, but I use GIMP. Then follow the tutorial below.

Various Shading Areas

Here is a list of guidelines for shading and highlights. You don't have to do it the way I do, it's just an example for people really stuck. Key =

Red = shading

Blue = highlights

File:Shadingwarriorhighlight.pngFor long furred warriors. It's the same with short-furred, but generally the shading on the tail is thinner. Not much of a difference, eh? It's the same thing with deputies, there's just shading on the tail.

Solid Colored Cats

WarriorlongfFirst open up your desired blank. Here, I'm using the long furred female warrior. For warriors and apprentices, you have to go to Images > Mode > RBG, in order to see color. Using the Color Select tool, select the white and press delete on your keyboard. Create a new layer and name it Base.

File:Solidcat2.png Fill your image with the color you desire, using the paint bucket tool.

File:Solidcat3.png Shading time! Create a new layer and name it Shading. With the pencil tool, size 9, hard brush, draw the shading. I have a guide above. Go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Blur at any rate between 15 and 40. (I don't have it shown in the picture)

File:Solidcat4.png Highlights. New layer, pencil tool, size 19, hard brush, rate 1.00. Draw in the highlights (above) with white.

File:Solidcat5.png Blur it at the same rate you blurred your shading. Lower the opacity of the layer a tad, down to your liking.

File:Solidcat6.png Ear-pink. With the path tool on a new layer, shape the ear-pink. Press enter, and fill in the ear-pink with the paint bucket tool with the color of your choice. Go to Select > None.

File:Solidcat8.png Blur it with the Gaussian Blur at rate 6.0 (Depends on how large it is. The larger the ear-pink is, the more you blur it. The smaller the ear-pink is, the less you blur it) I also added in eye color, going to the lineart layer and putting three blue pixels. I put a darker one on the top, and a lighter pixel at the bottom. I drew in the pupil and the white.

File:Solidcat9.png Fill it in with a color you haven't yet used on your charart, I would advise bright, neon pinks, bright blues, greens, ect. With the color select tool, select the background and press delete. Do this on every layer until it is a clean image.

File:Solidcat10.png Viola! You now have your solid-colored cat!

Tabby Markings

Here, it gets less detailed since I pretty much explained everything about layers and ear-pink and shading above.

Simple Tabby

These stripes are inspired by some of my closest friends, Frostheart, Splashpelt, Nightflower, and Rainwhisper

File:Simpletabby1.png Fill it in.

File:Simpletabby2.png Draw in the stripes on a different layer, above the base. They consist of usually wavy and round stripes. Draw the stripes until you feel like you need to stop.

File:Simpletabby3.png Blur it with the Gaussian Blur at rate two.

File:Simpletabby4.png Add shading and blur.

File:Simpletabby5.png Add highlights. (Don't forgot to tone down the opacity of the layer!)

File:Simpletabby6.png Ear-Pink.

File:Simpletabby7.png Eye color.

File:Simpletabby8.png Delete the background and here you go! A simple tabby!

Y Tabby

File:Y1.png Fill in your blank.

File:Y2.png Different layer, add the stripes. They consist of Y-stripes, hence the name, Y-tabby.

File:Y4.png Shading. I used a dark gray considering that this is a light gray cat, and black shading would be too dark on him.

File:Y5.png Blur the shading.

File:Y6.png Highlights.

File:Y7.png Blur. I forgot to state this in my solid cat tutorial, but after you blur the highlights, set the layer mode to "Overlay"

File:Y9.png Ear-pink.

File:Y10.pngBlur it, add the eye color, delete the background, huzzah!

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