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aka Keℓsey, Snowman, or Lightning

Wikia Star Councilor
43,973 Edits since joining this wiki
May 7, 2009
  • I live in Night Vale
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is intern at NVCR
  • I am whatever you decide to call me.

david was here for a minute then wandered off

Current Goal: 50,000 edits and/or 40% in the (Main) editspace.
This is relevant.
My name is Kelsey, but you can call me Skye, Snow, or Cloudy. I'm also called Snowman or Lightning, but the former is for certain people only, and the latter is from websites outside of Wikia. I'm one of the slaves staff members here, and I have no life and can't make up my mind about anything.
I like Pokémon (especially N; he is my baby hands off), Artemis Fowl, My Little Pony, Cloudtail, Turtle Tail, Lightningtail, Sol, and Hollyleaf. I hate most modern music, Firestar, Dovewing, Spottedleaf, Daisy, and Bramblestar.
I have a tumblr and I spend too much time on there and here. I also make pretty cat art and spend my time editing since I own every Warriors book ever published.
If you seriously want to view my actual userpage, click the dropdown, but don't say I didn't warn you.
Dreamcatcher (or Dreamstar, if I feel like it), is my OC, and she is a silver-and-black tabby with black paws, muzzle, tail-tip, chest, and ears. Her eyes are greenish-blue, and she is fluffy as all hell. She is my baby and I can never decide on a tabby pattern for her. Judge me on her description and I will smack you.

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