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Having trouble drawing certain markings on a character art? Well, this tutorial shows how to do them all!


Classic or Striped Tabby

This shows how to make the classic tabby

Firstly, after you've filled in the base color, draw your tabby stripes using the burn tool, set at "midtones" and at the brush size of 3 or 5. Then, blur them with a size three blur tool (or a size one, for smaller stripes). Be careful not to blur the lineart! 


Then, break out the smudge tool (size 3 for larger stripes, size 1 for smaller ones) and smudge the stripes in the direction the fur would be going (as shown below). If need be, blur the stripes more afterwards.


Then, add shading and highlights (learn how in different tutorials).

Marbled Tabby

Marbled tabby markings are basically a bunch of swirls and splotches of darker color. So, draw the markings using the burn tool with a brush size of 3 or 5. Then blur them using the blur tool at size 3 (size 1 for smaller markings). Be careful not to blur the lineart!


Then smudge the markings (size 3 or 1) and smudge the stripes the same way you would smudge the markings on a classic striped tabby.


 Spotted Tabby

Spotted tabbies are tabbies with a combination of spots and stripes. So, draw up your markings using the burn tool. Usually, this kind of tabby has a dark stripe down their back, so we'll let that show a bit. Then, blur the spots and stripes.


Then, smudge the markings the same way you would any other tabby. When smudging the spots, you should only smudge the larger sized ones, otherwise the small spots could smudge into each other, since they are so close together.



Or just two-colored cats, I find bi-colors to be the most fun to make because I can smudge the patches so much. Anyway, bi-colores can be in two versions: patched and semi-patched. We'll start with patched cats.


Start by coloring your cat a very light gray (pure white makes it hard to shade and looks unnatural). Then, draw a couple of large spots here and there (the color depends on the description). Unless the description tells you to, don't make the cat colored and make the patches white (this is okay, but the other version is more common and looks more natural).


Then, smudge the patches. Make sure to smudge it in the direction the fur would be going. Then blur it more. Have fun with it, but don't over-do it!



Semi-patched cats are more colored than white. They usually have only white paws, chest, muzzle, tipped tail, or a combination of all of them or a few of them. The example is a combination of all four. So, first color it in the color you'd make patches. Then make the places mentioned before a very light gray (if a character is semi-patched, it should say which spots should be white). Then plur the patches.


Next, smudge the white areas. Make the white areas smudge out into the color and the colored parts smudge into the white. Then blur the smudges.


Spotted, Speckled, or Flecked

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