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Here are my tutorials for chararts!

Note: I am redoing some of the tutorials to save space and also because some of them need redone.


These are all of the tools in Pixlr and what they are used for, as well as some examples. Everything is color coded (on the toolbar and the font color).

File:PixlrToolsTutI.png File:PixlrToolsTutII.png

Some Helpful Things For the Tutorials Below

Changing Brush Size for Highlights

Often throughout this tutorial, you will find that it says "change the brush size to the brush with hardness in the middle and softness on the outside" or something along those lines, and I'm sure that that doesn't explain very much, so after helping out someone with this, I decided that I needed to add this to my tutorial, so here's the diagram that I showed them. (I know that the file that is open say App.3.blur, I used one the images I used to make my aprentice charart tutorials for the example. Also, sorry that one and two are on the left, and then three and four are on the right, that's just how it was lined up instead of one and two on top, and then three and four on bottom. Sorry if the positions confuse you.)



Here are enlarged examples of eyes on all of the blanks, so that you can look at them for reference when making your images. Make sure to notice the different colors in each eye.



How to color in and put shading on a charart.


To shade a white cat, there are two ways to do so. First, you can start out with the blank, change the range of the burn tool from midtones to highlights, and change the exposure from 50 to somewhere between 8-15. Then, you wouldn't have any highlights. (ex: Tinycloud (apprentice image) and Icecloud (apprentice image))

Second, you can start out with the cat having a pale-white colored fur, and shade it like you would a normal cat. Then, for the highlights, you would make the highlights to make the fur the fully white part of the fur. (ex: Thistlepaw (P3) and Whitewater (elder pic))


How to make a tabby cat.


I make my kit tabby images differently than all of my other images, so here is how I make my kitten tabby images.

Coming Soon...

Two-Colored Cats

How to make a two-colored cat.




How to make a tortoiseshell cat.


Tortoiseshells 2

This is another way to make tortoiseshells, like seen on Ivytail (SC) or Larksong.


Also, for effect, you can smudge the patches just like you would smudge the fur on the Two-Colored up above for more effect, but that's optional.

Mottled and Flecked Cats


Different Blanks and Others

Shading A Kit


The numbers above each of the kits heads are to help me with each of the steps.

First, you want to fill in the blank. (1)

Second, you get the burn tool, put the brush size at 5 square, keep the range on midtones, and keep the exposure at 50%. Then, you take the burn tool, and you go all around the lineart, like you would on a warrior image. (2)

Third, you get the blur tool at about size square 3 and blur the shading into the fur. (3)

Fourth, you get the dodge tool with the brush size 30 with the hardness in the middle and the softness on the outside, keep it at range midtones exposure 50%, and put highlights in the following places:

  • three in the middle of the tail
  • three in the middle of the body where the chest is
  • three on the face
  • two or three between the two legs (4)

Fifth, you color in the eyes like you would in the eye diagrams at the top of the page at the beginning of the tutorials. (5)

Sixth, you draw the ear pink, which can be hard to draw in the tiny space in the ears of the kits, so be careful not to draw on the actual lineart. (6)

Seventh, you now blur the ear pink that you just drew. (7)

Then, last but not least, eight you add color to the nose. You normally make it a lighter brown for brown cats, a grayish color for black cats, pink for white cats, light gray or pink for gray cats, and tortoiseshell cats just pick a color lighter than one of the colors there. (8)

Then your kit charart is complete!

Shading An Apprentice


Just like on the kit tutorial above, the numbers are there on the image to help with each of the steps.

First, you color in the blank. (1)

Second, you get the burn tool at size 7 square, range at midtones, exposure at 50%, and go all around the lineart. (2)

Then, you get the blur tool at size 2 or 5 square and blur the shading into the fur. (3)

After that, you add highlights. You put the dodge tool at brush size 50 with the softness on the outside and the hardness on the inside, and the exposure at 50%, and put highlights at the following:

  • three on the hind leg
  • three in the middle of the body
  • three on the muzzle
  • two on the eye
  • 4-6 in the middle of the front legs

Then, once you add the highlights, you blur the highlights just to make sure that they have a smooth transition into the fur. (4)

Then, after adding the highlights, you can color in the eye, which is shown at the top of the page in the Eye Diagrams. (5)

Sixth, you go back to the dodge tool, put the exposure at 100%, change the brush size from 30 hardness in middle to 20 hardness in middle, and run the dodge tool over the tip of the tail twice as demonstrated on image 6. (6)

At this time, if you see any shading that needs lightened or blurred, then do so. Then, after fixing any necessary shading, you draw the ear pink. (7)

Then, once you finally get the ear pink to a good shape, you blur it. (8)

And then you're done with your apprentice charart!

Shading An Elder


Shading A Deputy

Shading a deputy is just like shading a warrior, basically all the same.

For example, let's look at Oakheart's deputy image. Oakheart.deputy It's shaded like a normal warrior, except you add shading to the bottom of the tail. Simple enough? (By the way, I give all credit to Echomist for Oakheart's deputy image, it just seemed like a good image to reference to.)

Shading a Medicine Cat and Herbs


Shading A Rogue

File:RogueTutI.png File:RogueTutII.png

Shading A Loner

File:LonerTutI.png File:LonerTutII.png

Shading A Black Cat

Coming Soon...

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