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December 25, 2011
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Hey. I'm leaving.

So, yeah, you probably know that I'm not editing too much here... Well, I should of said this long ago, because the reason I am not editing is because I have left the wiki. Yeah...

So... Yeah... I'm pretty much leaving, yes I am. I'm sorry to say goodbye to all the people that I love. But Warriors Wiki isn't the right place for me. I will still go on the other typical Wikis a "~Leafy~" would go on, such as Warriorcatclansrp Wiki. The wikis that are under "My favorite Wikis" are the ones I will be active on, and only those ones. Hey, sometimes I drop by chat because my Warriorcatclansrp Wiki buddies request I go there. :)

Thank you for reading this! I'll miss you guys, I know I feel sad to leave, but what's done is done. Goodbye!

May StarClan light all your paths! Safe journeys~! 8D


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