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Though, as a kit in PCA, I still know how to make chararts. I use Pixlr , a free editing site. This tutorial still works well with Photoshop and GIMP. Any way, making chararts is easy! Just follow the simple steps, and it'll come easy to you!

Ear pinks

Ear pinks are hard, especially if you have a cat with two colors. If you look at the main pelt color, it'll be much more easy. Here is a chart you may use.

File:Ear pink chart.PNG


Eyes are tricky too. For help, look at the chart below.


Normal Warrior

For a normal warrior, follow these steps.

1. Get a blank.

2. Fill in the color.

3. Add eye color and ear pink, blur ear pink. Use size 1, and strength 32 or lower.

4. Add highlights to shoulder, hip, upper part of tail, upper part of head and front right leg.

And there you have a solid warrior!

Black Cats

Though black furred cats aren't black, they're a dark gray. Black would merge with the lines, causing the image to look bad, instead, we use dark gray.

1. fill in the fur with dark gray.


2. Add ear pink and eye color, blur the ear pink.


3. Add highlights, just like the regular warrior.

And there you have a black cat!


There are 3 types of tabbies. "Y", Marble(wavy), and triangle.


1."Y" Tabbies are simple. Repeat steps 1-3 for a warrior, then draw "Y"s with a brush or pencil. Note, they MUST be thin. Highlight.


2.Marble tabbies, or wavy tabbies, are cats with wavy, thick lines. Repeat steps 1-3, use a brush to draw the outside. Note: Make sure all the pixels touch. The corners touching do not count. Use the paint bucket to fill them in, BE CAREFUL IN THIS STEP! Blur them at size 1, strength 32 or lower. Highlight.


3. Triangle tabbies are easy. Draw triangles with brush or pencil.try to make them straight, if not, then make them look straight. Repeat steps 1-3, and make sure pixels touch like marbled tabby. Fill them in, and blur. Highlight.

And there are the tabbies!


Apprentices are some-what hard to make. Just follow these steps to create your own apprentice!

1. Get a blank.


2. Fill in the color.


3. Add ear pink and eye color, blur ear pink.


4. Add highlights

AND you're done!

This was awesome thx! Firestar1122000 I LOVE FIRESTAR! 20:10, July 15, 2011 (UTC)

Leaders, Deputies, and Kitty-pets

File:Leafstarr.pngThis is my leader example, I used a different type of shading. Her name is Fernstar, a tabby and cream she-cat. This was very difficult to make. I've never tried this type of highlights and shading before, so, it was very hard!

My Kitty-pet example,

File:Kitty.pngThis is pretty bad! I used the same type of shading as the Leader.

I made this on July 23, 2011. Her name is Lilly.9I know I shouldn't name them, but they're attached to me!

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