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  • I live in Only some of you know. (fufufu)
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is Aspiring artist
  • I am Female.

Nightwhisker charart
Current: CloudClan
Past: Loner
















Yewfoot, Skyflower, Mossrock

Wolftalon, Flowertail, Greywish, Snowpelt

Mentor(s): Sunclaw
Apprentice(s): Readypaw


Book Appearances
Living: Now
Dead: I'm not dead you ignorant Twoleg!

 About Me

This is all about... ME!

Name':' Err... Let's just say Nightwhisker for my sake

Age: Pre-teen

Gender: Girl

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Writing stories, Playing Tennis

Books I've Read: Into the Wild, Forest of Secrets, Starlight, Twilight, Sunset, Outcast, Eclipse, Midnight, Moonrise, Dawn, The Sight, The Darkest Hour, Rising Storm, Fire And Ice,  and A Dangerous Path, Omen of The Stars, Long Shadows, Sunrise, Dark River, Ravenpaw's path #1

Oh, and completley off topic, I have a black belt, and I'm not afraid to hit you guys with it... (lol, just kidding about the hitting you with it part...)

My Approved Chararts




About Nightwhisker

Hi, my name is Nightwhisker. This is all about me. Well here goes, I am the deputy of CloudClan. I was found at the CloudClan border, along with my two sisters, and my brother. But we were found by a laid back CloudClan warrior, and his apprentice. We were carried back to camp by pairs, My sisters first, then my brother and I. I was mewling so loudly, birds scattered, and any cat would think I was being attacked by a badger! When we got in to camp, my mewling stopped abruptly. We were on a high rocky cliff, with a few twisted trees one on the rocky floor of the cliff, one atop a high ledge. A rocky overhang was jutting out of the rock to my right, with another few rocks for sides, and a silvery pool inside it. "Mew." I said, but then I looked in the other direction, and saw two big splits in the rock, one smaller, one much bigger, and finally straight ahead, next to the huge ledge, was a sort of den made out of nettles, brambles, and some other vines which I could not recognize. The warrior carrying me walked in to the den of nettles and ducked inside. The apprentice carrying my brother followed closely behind. "Mosscloud!" The warrior said. "Can you suckle these four kits we found?" "Sure." Said a Queen with long Brownish fur. She sounded depressed. Right after the warrior set me down beside the queen, then the apprentice did the same with my brother, the apprentice ducked out of the den, and a abnormally green furred tom pulled the warrior aside and said "Sunclaw, is this such a good idea? I mean Mosscloud just lost our whole litter, and she has plenty of milk, but could she deal with the pain if she lost even one of these kits?" "I think she'll do fine."  The warrior said before quietly ducking under the nettles.

A few sunrises later, My father, Greentail, decided we needed names. I was called Nightkit because of my blackish fur, then my brother was named Yewkit because of his red, berry-like fur. My sister was named Skykit for her interest in the sky, since we came here, she was always staring up at the sky. My other sister was named Mosskit,because she always took most of the moss from our mother's nest, then threw it up in the air, then had it fall down on top of her.

Six Moons later...

We were Apprenticed. I was apprenticed to Sunclaw, The warrior that brought us in to camp. My brother was apprenticed to Lionwave, My sisters were apprenticed to Budwhisker, and Birdpelt. The first Hunting patrol I went on was with Sandypaw and her mentor Bananaleg. I caught four mice, a gigantic shrew and six voles. After that, Sandypaw would always sleep curled up right next to me and only left me alone when she went on patrols, and during training sessions.

Four moons later...

I was made a warrior, by our leader, Fuzzystar. He placed his head upon My head (I was named Nightwhisker!), and did the same to my newly-named brother (Yewfoot) and my two newly-named sisters, (Mossrock, and Skyflower.) and then Sandyflower.

Six Moons after that I was named Deputy of Cloudclan, and Sandyflower had our Kits. (two toms, and two beautiful she-cats, Toms: Snowkit, and Wolfkit, and She-Cats: Flowerkit, and Greykit.) And Readypaw got apprenticed to me.

A couple moons later, My father Greentail died, when a badger attacked the Elders Den. My whole family was devastated, although Sandyflower could not sit vigil with him, because she had to watch the kits, but then, Sandyflower appeared, herding our kits with her tail, then Wolfkit attacked me and started to play-fight, but i dragged him off with a flick of my tail, and set his littermates and him next to their Grandfathers Body.

4 moons later

Wolfkit, Flowerkit, Greykit, and Snowkit got apprenticed. Flowerkit got assigned her aunt, Mossrock, and was now Flowerpaw, Snowpaw, got Uncle Yewfoot as a mentor, (that's who Wolfkit had been wanting as a mentor... he found me boring...) Greypaw got Skyflower as her mentor (her aunt...) and Wolfkit got assigned me, surprise, surprise. He was not excited, and neither was I, so I told him to fetch mouse bile for the elder's ticks, while I talk to Fuzzystar about the problem of the newest apprentice's mentors. I walked into Fuzzystar's Den, He sensed I was tense, because he immediatley said 'What's wrong?" I said I was not happy about the mentors for Our litter (Our being Sandyflower's and mine) So he said, Just mentor Wolfpaw, and don't worry about a thing. And with that, he stalked off, leaving me in his den, mouth wide open. I stalked off, and Wolfpaw was talking to Yewfoot, His favorite uncle. When I joined them, Wolfpaw glared at me, while Snowpaw ran up to me, excited that he was finally an apprentice, I licked his ear and told him to go follow Yewfoot, who had just walked away, joining Mossrock and Skyflower, with Greypaw and Flowerpaw, and Snowpaw ran to catch up. Soon he ran up to me and said "You comin' Nightwhisker, Training session." Alright, i said, I'll be right there, little one. Calm down. And that's when Fuzzystar called me for a Hunting Patrol. I followed the leader, beckoning to Wolfpaw to follow, This excited the young apprentice, leaving him running to catch up, and bouncing the whole way. When we had entered the forest, I taught Wolfpaw the Hunter's Crouch, and he caught 6 voles. Fuzzystar was proud of the young apprentice, and told Him and I to go back to camp. He walked over to the fresh-kill pile, and picked out a big rabbit, and started to eat it, I tore off a piece and started to munch at it, when he stole it back. I growled, and he yelped, and gave it back to me. I told him to learn who his leaders are, and stalked off to the nursery. The next day, Wolfpaw would not even pay attention in the training session, so I called his name, which scared a few birds. What!?! He said, glaring at me, our green gazes matching. I smelled the scent of the Medicine Cat Apprentice, Streampaw on him, but I didn't bother with the smell. Then, later that day, I saw the medicine cat, Leafwhisker, staring off into space. What's wrong? I said. She jumped, then said after a moment, Streampaw quit being my apprentice, although yesterday, she said she loved being a medicine cat apprentice so much. Then she stared off for what seemed to be until Sunhigh, then finally said, StarClan has just given me a sign. It was Streampaw, but older, giving birth to kits, with Wolfpaw by her side, frantically licking her ear! That's why she stopped being my apprentice! She loves Wolfpaw! With that, I ran off, only to find my apprentice sharing tounges with his brother. I pulled him away from Snowpaw with a flick of my tail, and glared at him. Why have you kept Streampaw from becoming a medicine cat? I asked, trying to stay calm. I didn't, she made the decision to become a regular apprentice on her own! Wolfpaw said, running off, out of camp to join Streampaw.

Then, they became warriors, with the names Wolftalon, Snowpelt, Greywish, Streampetal, and Flowertail.

So That's pretty much caught up to where we are in real life!!!!! Thanks for listening to my story, sorry if I bored you!!!

My Favorite Cats

*Onewhisker not star, I hate Onestar!


My Least Favorite Cats



Ok, so here's my little rant on Leafpool.

Leafpool was cool at first when she was an apprentice, but she was very nervous and worried all the time, like Firestar. Then when she was a full med cat, she was ok, then when she fell in love with Crowfeather, I started to hate her, (not that I'm against love, but, I support CrowXFeather,) then she went insane when Cinderpelt died, and when she had kits. Wasn't she always the one that wanted to do the right thing? Oh well..... I don't hate Leafy, but she is just...... wow..... there are no words for it.... Rant over.


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