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Apprentice tutorials

First and Foremost

To Become a Warrior...

Everyone always asks how to become a warrior; well, here it is:

  • Users join as an apprentice.
  • Apprentices ask questions if need be from experienced users. Before an apprentice puts art up, they should get basic guidelines from one of the tutorials listed below; i.e: art program, shading style, basic instructions etc.
  • Apprentices may request a mentor.
  • Journey from apprentice to warrior.
    • Have to have more than one image approved and be nominated.
    • Know how to use shading, highlights, blur, etc.
    • Be able to put in good critiquable comments to others' images.

Eyes and Ears


This chart shows possible pupil and depth placement, however eye style is the artist's choice, and therefore this doesn't have to be followed exactly.

File:Ear pink chart.PNG

And this chart shows fitting earpinks based on coat color.

Shading Placement


Example Image

We all know that sometime you just can't describe a colour. You want somebody to darken the image, but when they do, the colour looks weird. You want somebody to lighten the earpink, but when they do, the colour is just off. If you really just want to show the artist the colour the earpink or eyes or pelt really should be, you can just use the colour example image. Just save the image to your computer and bucket fill it with the proper colour you want the artist to use, and then reupload the image over the previously mentioned file with what the colour is for, the artist, and the image the colour is for. For example, you could say "Earpink for Wildheart7's Rain (TB)", if you were uploading an earpink colour for my TB image of Rain. Then you would go to (again, just an example) my section on the Tweak Page and put this code: [[:File:Colour.example.png|(insert whatever you want to say here)]] under the section. You'd then say "(insert whatever you want to say here)" or whatever you were going to comment on. Remember, guys, the image shouldn't be used every time you want the artist to darken the stripes or lighten the earpink - just when they really don't get it.





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