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About me

Current: TwilightClan
Medicine Cat:
Mentor(s): Hareclaw
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Living: Clans vs. Kittypelts
Hai all. Im Totallytawnypelt99, but you can just call me Tawny, TT, T-Pain, That-crazy-person-who-lives-next-door, the works. I'm not really an active user, :/ yea I'm busy a lot of the time hanging with my boyfriend or family or vacationing to places. But yea. If u have any questions about anything that for somereasoniwouldbeabletoanser, then shoot me an email at (new email, the other one is poopy stanky CRAP!) okay, so yea. Cool. I should probably take a break now. Oh btw, Sunny, i stole this format from your page. sorry if your mad at me :P


  • Username: Totallytawnypelt99
  • Real Name: Severus Snape
  • Gender: Female (yea, snapes a girly girl alright :])
  • Age: 94483082098503809809809. Jk 13 turning 14.
  • Birthday: Sept. 4
  • Location: Narnia
  • Hobbies: A lotta stuff


  • Season: Summah!
  • Colours: Purple/Blue
  • Music: Pop/Rap (LOOK AT ME NOW!)
  • Books: Found
  • Animals: Doggies
  • TV Show: Glee :D
  • Movies: oh god idk!!
Tawnypelt.warrior This user is a fan of



Users on the wiki who act like they're hot stuff when they're not, users on the wiki who make fun of other users who don't know what to do, users on the wiki that change things and add things that never happened, and one user (idk who it was) changed my quote on icecloud JUST AFTER I FINISHED IT AND THEY DELETED THE ENTIRE SECTION I WILL FIND THAT PERSON AND KILL THEM!!!!!! *grrrr....* OH and users who brag about being in the PCA. (I FINALLY got in. I'm so happy)

Yeah, but n e ways, I <3 WARRIORS WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  • some users might know i've been rude in the past, but I apologize, I have REALLY bad anger issues, it's just one user had said I was a stupid user and deleted all work I would do. I don't remember who it was, but if I insult you in someway, I'm really sorry, and I mean it. I really am sorry*

I also take request!!!! I'll do siggie or charart requests. If you have any questions, then just ask me on my talk page!

My thoughts on other users

Dawny: My best friend on the wiki!! Yay for Dawny!!

Sunny: My other best friend on the wiki! Best Furry Friends forever!!

Rainear: My BFF. Rainear has taken her awesome time to contribute to my wiki, the one in the link, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join hers...Warriors Fanon Wiki

Mossleap: Also joined my wiki, and I just LOVE her siggie! (You burnt my ice cream!!)

Fiercestar RiverClan: What more to say! The user says it all! I love RiverClan, and I love Fiercestar. She's an excellent contributor to my wiki, is just awesum....and there's so many more reason's I don't have the time to explain....

Helix: My Codingstar. My template king. My Southern European Idol. I WORSHIP YOU (bows down)

Bramble: Excellent choice for leader of Charart. Excellent choice for this wiki in general.

more to come soon...and if you don't like the following people above, then i shun u...

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