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    Alright. A bit over a year ago, I made this blog post, detailing why I believe that Thistleclaw, one of my favourite characters in the Warriors series, is not evil. And that blog post got a lot of activity and arguments. I'm here today to revise that blog, basically rewrite it and add some new points. Because it really needs the revision.

    no one cares for your dangan ronpa references berry

    I'll start off by saying this; I'm not trying to prove that Thistleclaw was an angel. He wasn't, and no one in the Warriors books is. He could be annoying and quick to jump into battle a times, but every character gets like that sometimes. Except for Daisy. We don't talk about Daisy. Anyway, on Thistleclaw, he could be an asshole at times and we're not ignori…

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    Bluestar was a character I liked in the Orginal Arc...I saw her as a strong, independent, and able leader...but after reading Bluestar's Prophecy, my opinion has changed. She was a judgemental, melodramatic brat, in my eyes. And before you go to rage in the comments, read my blog, because I actually have arguements and reasons to back up my opinion.

    One of the things that annoyed me the most. Bluestar is terrible at dealing with deaths. When her mother died, she was so stupid. She would simply mope around the camp. And when she saw her sister and father happy, she called them traitors, which is totally untrue. They were trying to deal with the death of their mate and mother, and trying to move onwards. Just because someone is happy after a de…

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    This blog has since been rewritten. Please see The revised version and please refrain from attacking people based on their opinion.
    Thistleclaw is a seriously misunderstood character in the Warriors series. Everyone thinks he's this evil, murderous beast that can never be forgiven for what he had done...
    But what exactly did he do? Thistleclaw is actually one of my favourite characters because of his loyalty to the Clan, not that I think ThunderClan is very good, but Thistleclaw is one of the greatest warriors ThunderClan had ever had. I think a lot of Warriors fans need to work out the difference between loyalty and evil...

    Yes, I just said that, because he isn't. And before you go to the comments to rage about how I am wrong, I have reasons for…

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    deviantART, Google, YouTube, seriously, it's everywhere. I think you know what I am talking about - hate on the character Millie. Millie is one of my favourite characters, because of her bravery and kindness and loyalty, and the fact that she's not a Daisy - she doesn't sit in the nursery all day, every day, stealing the Clan's prey. But all this Millie there actually a reason behind it? Or do people just think that because she was a kittypet that she's not loyal, and a fat, lazy, useless cat who will sit around doing nothing? Perhaps we should examine her character, find her pros and cons, and see whether she's worth the hate?
    Well, Berry took it upon herself to do so:

    Honestly, what Clan wouldn't want a cat who can talk to dogs? A…

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