Alright. A bit over a year ago, I made this blog post, detailing why I believe that Thistleclaw, one of my favourite characters in the Warriors series, is not evil. And that blog post got a lot of activity and arguments. I'm here today to revise that blog, basically rewrite it and add some new points. Because it really needs the revision.

Trial time, go!

no one cares for your dangan ronpa references berry

I'll start off by saying this; I'm not trying to prove that Thistleclaw was an angel. He wasn't, and no one in the Warriors books is. He could be annoying and quick to jump into battle a times, but every character gets like that sometimes. Except for Daisy. We don't talk about Daisy. Anyway, on Thistleclaw, he could be an asshole at times and we're not ignoring that. Without any further comments on the matter for now, let's get on to the first argument.

"He broke the Warrior Code"

...says every little Bluestar worshiper, basically every fan of Warriors. Alright, let's get this straight- every single cat has broken the Warrior Code at one point in the series. You cannot single one cat out for it. If it's oh so bad for you to hear the truth that the Warrior Code truly means nothing anymore, too bad. Because it lost its meaning long ago. Forbidden relationships are common, medicine cat relationships are common, look, the Warrior Code has been broken too many times for it to still truly mean anything.
Also, if you're gonna point out Thistleclaw for apparently breaking the Code, take a look at Bluestar. The supposed ThunderClan saint. Yeah, she definitely wasn't a saint. I'm not gonna go over her in this blog, so here to read more about that.


"Oh my god, a kit got injured it's all Thistleclaw's fault he's so evil that's terrible!" Yeah, that's what this argument is trying to get rid of. All Thistleclaw said was to show how ThunderClan deals with trespassers. He did not say "attack the kit". All Tigerpaw needed to do was to perhaps bear his fangs and give short chase. Tigerpaw is responsible for what happened to Tiny, not Thistleclaw. I'm sick of people saying that Thistleclaw caused Scourge. He didn't. Sure, Thistleclaw could have tried to help, but still.
Thistleclaw was not the cause for the attack on Tiny (haha Attack on Tiny), he never gave an order for Tigerpaw to attack; Tigerpaw did that of his own will. If you're still blaming Thistleclaw for an attack that was not his fault, and using that to justify your demonisation of a great character, then you're being extremely immature. Because Tigerpaw's. Attack. Was. Of. His. Own. Will. So stop using the excuse.


Bluestar. She's a supposed saint, but she's truly a very malevolent cat. She demonises Thistleclaw to the point where it's impossible to tell who he really is, and she's far from a nice cat to anyone, but I'm trying to stay on the track of Thistleclaw here. She is the only reason Thistleclaw is in the Dark Forest. She chased him away from no reason other than the fact that she thinks he's naughty, when he's not. Really, what did he do to her? Thistlekit idolised Bluepaw, and she pushed him away, because he was 'too weak' or 'too annoying'. Thistlepaw looked up to Bluefur and once again, she pushed him away, and not use Bluestar's Prophecy as truth that Thistleclaw is evil. Bluestar's Prophecy features a lot of author bias towards Bluestar, and depicts her like she was some sort of godsend. Thistleclaw would've made a better leader than Bluestar ever was, because even if he was a rough cat, at least he cared for his Clan more than Bluestar. She caused a lot more bad for her Clan than she did good.
Plus, really...Bluefur was a complete dick pardon my language to Thistleclaw after Snowfur died. You would think that she'd want the support of her sister's mate, because guess what? He was hurting too. He cared a lot for Whitekit and Snowfur. And I'm sorry, but calling your child 'soft' does not equate to evil. I invite you to take a look at John Winchester from Supernatural if you want to see a father who didn't care for anything except for his sons' battle preparedness. And hey, at least Thistleclaw didn't lead his child to a traumatic death when it was barely old enough to know what the material it died in was and cause enough trauma to the surviving children to make their forget their relationship to him.

Vicky said that Thistleclaw was a nasty cat

I don't actually remember Vicky saying this at all, but according to certain commenters on the last blog, she did. I think I heard that quote in relation to Tigerstar, not Thistleclaw. Anyway...even more author bias. There's really nothing else to say.

Dark Forest so he must be bad

Continuing from the above point I made about Bluestar chasing him into the DF. He's only there because Bluestar didn't like him. And don't tell me that some higher power in StarClan told her to. Because everyone in StarClan is equal. Which again, does not give Bluestar the right to decide whether he stays or goes based on how much she liked or disliked him. And don't say "well he could easily come back so it's his choice to stay". You'll remember that in the books that Dark Forest and StarClan have a very defined line between them, bordered by thick forest and a lot of fog. You try navigating your way through a foggy, dense forest shrouded in darkness. The books say themselves that it's virtually impossibly to get out of Dark Forest and into StarClan. So no "he could've gotten back to StarClan" nonsense.


Thistleclaw was not evil. Thistleclaw does not deserve the hate he gets. Thistleclaw is a victim of author bias at its extreme. I invite you to leave a comment on this blog, about your feelings about Thistleclaw and his actions and Bluestar's demonisation of his character. Til next time, happy reading. ^_^