Bluestar was a character I liked in the Orginal Arc...I saw her as a strong, independent, and able leader...but after reading Bluestar's Prophecy, my opinion has changed. She was a judgemental, melodramatic brat, in my eyes. And before you go to rage in the comments, read my blog, because I actually have arguements and reasons to back up my opinion.

Here we go...Edit

Dealing with DeathsEdit

One of the things that annoyed me the most. Bluestar is terrible at dealing with deaths. When her mother died, she was so stupid. She would simply mope around the camp. And when she saw her sister and father happy, she called them traitors, which is totally untrue. They were trying to deal with the death of their mate and mother, and trying to move onwards. Just because someone is happy after a death doesn't mean that they've forgot about the one who'd died, or are trading sides, or betraying the missing one, it means they're getting on with their life, accepting that they weren't coming back. Bluestar's mother's death should've encouraged her to protect her sister and father more, but nope, Bluepaw would just walk around camp and flop down into her bedding.
Dealing with her sister, Snowfur's death was absolutely pathetic. Okay, her sister and mother are dead, but that should motivate her to look after her nephew, Whitekit. But her stupid decision to watch from the side of camp as Thistleclaw played with his son, led to Whitekit wondering if Bluefur still liked him. It's a poor show when your orphaned family member, whom you apparently loved so much, wonders if you still like him. Also realise how cats had to make her move? That's stupid too. She should've been looking after orphaned Whitekit, not thinking about how hard she'd been punched in the heart.

Being a Mother and Dealing with MosskitEdit

When Bluefur the love struck idiot stupidly fell in love with RiverClan's deputy, Oakheart, she became pregnant with his kits. They're born, Mistykit, Stonekit and Mosskit. Then Sunstar tells her that he'd considered making her or Thistleclaw deputy, and she overeacted and took her kits to their father.
Bluefur takes her kits outside to "play a game". One of her first mistakes, this was not a game, this was a life or death situation. Half way through the journey, she stops. In a blizzard. In the absolute freezing cold. To teach the ThunderClan crouch. Her kits were about to freeze to death. But eventually, her idiocy leads to Mosskit dying. She thought it was all her thought and she should've died instead. Contrary to popular belief, it was her fault. Who takes less that a half month old kittens into the woods while it's snowing. She could've at least waited a couple more months, when they would've been stronger, or not done it at all, and let them grow into strong ThunderClan warriors. Thistleclaw wouldn't have actually made a bad deputy anyway. (see [1])

Snowfur and ThistleclawEdit

This irked me so much. Thistleclaw, a very loyal, dedicated warrior, was looked down upon by Bluestar. He was a fine cat. She judged him too harshly. She was horrible to him right from the start, Snowpaw would be kind and say he needed to be an apprentice, and would encourage him, and Bluepaw would just say, "No, you're not old enough". That was a terrible thing to do. He would try to gain her trust, but Bluepaw despised him, which honestly, is just plain mean. As an apprentice, all he wanted was to be a great warrior and still get Bluefur to like him, but she mostly ignored and made terrible comments about him in her head. I get the feeling the author was trying to get us to pity Bluefur and make us dislike Thistleclaw...but honestly, Thistleclaw is one of my absolute favourite characters.
Okay, so Snowfur always liked Thistleclaw, and that's why I think she's the better of the two. She was willing to accept Thistleclaw for who he was. But Bluefur felt she should automatically hate him, because he seemed a little bit arrogant. Stupid decision, she should've got to know him better. When Snowfur fell pregnant, Bluefur was disgusted that Snowfur was mates with Thistleclaw...But, what did she end up doing? What Snowfur had done was not against the Warrior Code - what Bluefur did was, and she paid the price.
Bluestar is the reason Thistleclaw is in the Dark Forest. She chased him there after she died.

Her "Madness"Edit

This isn't gonna be that long. But Bluestar made herself insane, no other cat but herself. If she had just stuck to the Warrior Code, she would've had some gorgeous kits with Thrushpelt. If she hadn't overreacted to Thistleclaw, her sister would be alive and looking after Whitekit. Like I said, short couple of sentences, but honestly, she was stupid for doing pretty much everything in her life, and ThunderClan, Snowfur, Mosskit, other and herself paid the price.


Go on, read the blog and comment what you think about Bluestar. But have arguments to back you up. It's a bit pathetic capsing that Bluestar was a great cat when you've no arguments to make me think that. Until next time~ Berry Midnight Monster's Parade! 04:31 Sat Feb 2