deviantART, Google, YouTube, seriously, it's everywhere. I think you know what I am talking about - hate on the character Millie. Millie is one of my favourite characters, because of her bravery and kindness and loyalty, and the fact that she's not a Daisy - she doesn't sit in the nursery all day, every day, stealing the Clan's prey. But all this Millie there actually a reason behind it? Or do people just think that because she was a kittypet that she's not loyal, and a fat, lazy, useless cat who will sit around doing nothing? Perhaps we should examine her character, find her pros and cons, and see whether she's worth the hate?
Well, Berry took it upon herself to do so:

And so, the blog begins...Edit

Honestly, what Clan wouldn't want a cat who can talk to dogs? A rare skill that only a kittypet or a cat who would be happy enough to get close enough to a dog to learn their language and really, what cat would? It would be scary work for a cat, right? So Millie's ability to talk to dogs is pretty damn amazing, and if I was a Clan leader, I'd definately want her in my Clan.
If it weren't for Millie, whose favourite grey cat wouldn't have retured? That's right, Millie's reassurance kept Greystripe moving onward in the journey back to ThunderClan. Think about it: if it wasn't for Millie, he wouldn't have had the confidence, the encouragement, the anything, really, to keep him going onwards. Look what ThunderClan gained when he returned - their beloved former deputy, and a brand new warrior who'd already been trained in the ways of the warrior by Greystripe. Three healthy kits came, too, and what Clan doesn't want kits?
Okay, moving on to a subject that everyone seems to either never think about or think about the wrong way - Millie's treating of her kits. If she ever seems neglectful, which, in my opinion, she doesn't, think about it. She's a cat for Crookshanks' sake, not a human. And really, every single mother out there would be devastated if they found out that their child had a broken spine and would never walk again; Millie sees this in the same way, but remember, she's a cat, and think about Rainflower - casting away her kit for the simple fact that she didn't want any grief if he died in his sleep. And again, she's a feral cat, she wouldn't know any better, it's a cat's natural instinct to either kill an unhealthy kitten or try it's best to help it. Briarlight is one fricking lucky cat, but think about it; she's dying from the inside out. With a broken spine, she finds it hard to do anything, and I wouldn't be far surprised if she dies after the events of The Last Hope of either a lung condition, organ failure or she'll just drop dead in her sleep, or, and this would be the best option, Jayfeather just gives her Deathberries to put her out of her misery, that way, she wouldn't die in pain.
Blossomfall takes her mother's reactions to Briarlight in all the wrong ways. She thinks her mother loves Briarlight more than her, which is totally untrue, and really, cats don't really hold love for their mates, kits, any relatives really, they don't have kits because they want them, usually it's forced upon them, and all they want is to keep their species going. Cats don't love their mates, the male will more than likely leave after impregnating the queen, and goes to mate with another she-cat. It's actually unusual that Millie loves Briarlight, and that Sandstorm loves Firestar, and Ferncloud loves Dustpelt. But then again, this is fantasy, and in fantasy, who needs realism?~ 8D


After reading my blog, what are you opinions on the character Millie? Tell me in a comment. Opinions welcome, just don't be offensive. Berry Midnight Monster's Parade! 11:48 Thu Nov 8