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Thistleclaw is a seriously misunderstood character in the Warriors series. Everyone thinks he's this evil, murderous beast that can never be forgiven for what he had done...
But what exactly did he do? Thistleclaw is actually one of my favourite characters because of his loyalty to the Clan, not that I think ThunderClan is very good, but Thistleclaw is one of the greatest warriors ThunderClan had ever had. I think a lot of Warriors fans need to work out the difference between loyalty and evil...


Thistleclaw is not evil

Yes, I just said that, because he isn't. And before you go to the comments to rage about how I am wrong, I have reasons for saying this, while all you will proably say I am wrong because Thistleclaw is in the Dark Forest. Think back to when Thistleclaw was a kit - a cute ball of grey-mottled spikey fur. What did he want most of all? To become an apprentice and learn the ways of a warrior to protect his Clan, and when he was an apprentice, what did he want to do? Become a warrior to protect his Clan no matter what. Remember when he was a kit, and Snowpaw and Bluepaw were made apprentices? He ran over, though looking annoyed, and said he wanted to be an apprentice, because he was a better fighter than they'd ever be. What does that show? That shows loyalty, and if it doesn't, you need to reread the book. If anything, throughout the book, and all books where Thistleclaw is mentioned, Bluestar makes him look evil, because she doesn't like him at all. Before ThunderClan went to ambush WindClan, what did Thistlekit try to do? Sneak out with the cats, just so he could fight to keep his Clan safe. Thistlekit was an adorable little bundle of loyalty, and you can't deny it, because if you do, your reasons are invalid.
As an apprentice, Thistlepaw was a hard-working cat, and when he nearly fought with a ShadowClan apprentice at a Gathering, he was provoked. Thistlepaw worked hard to make sure his Clan was well-fed and well protected, and he was a great warrior too.
Think about when Sweetpaw, Thistleclaw's sister, died. He insisted he bury her himself, that shows he loved his sister. Before you tell me Thistleclaw did tell Tigerpaw to kill Tiny, who later becomes Scourge, he didn't, all Thistleclaw did was say that there was a kittypet on ThunderClan territory, and then Tigerpaw attacked him. Therefore, Scourge becoming evil had nothing to do with Thistleclaw - it was Tigerpaw.
Thistleclaw was devasted when his mate left her only kit alone, and when he blamed Bluefur? Please, how would you feel if someone had've been with someone you loved when they'd died, and did nothing accept yell? Thistleclaw taught his son to become a great warrior and ThunderClan's former deputy, Whitestorm. Thistleclaw actually wouldn't have made a bad deputy, a loyal warriro who was not afraid to die for his Clan's safety. And remember how Bluestar said he died in a fight he'd started with another Clan? Who decides whether the cats fight or not? The Clan leader, so Thistleclaw can't have possibly started that fight. That was one of the things that irked me the most about Bluestar - she hated Thistleclaw for no particular reason.

Why exactly is Thistleclaw in the Dark Forest?

If you remember to Crookedstar's Promise, Thistleclaw was trained by Silverhawk in Dark Forest. This was pretty much just after Snowfur had died, so he would've been in a bit of a despression, and would've joined probably, to learn new battle moves to protect his Clan even more, to make sure nothing like that would never happen again. If anything, as well, he probably would've been conned into joining.
Vicky has confirmed that Thistleclaw was actually in StarClan, for quite a few moons, too, from the time gap between the final chapter of Bluestar's Prophecy right through to A Dangerous Path, when Bluestar joined StarClan. Bluestar was a complete idiot when she got there, and chased a perfectly fine, happy, loyal Thistleclaw, over the border of StarClan into Dark Forest. So if anything, blame Bluestar for Thistleclaw being in Dark Forest, and think about it - Thistleclaw was actually one of the softest Dark Forest cats - he never killed a cat when training apprentices, and in the final battle, he killed no cat, meaning he actually didn't want to be there, or to fight against these cats, but he was stuck there.

EDIT: Tiny and Tigerpaw

Okay, so many of you guys are commenting about how you agree with everything except he was evil for nearly killing Tiny. Here's the thing - he never, ever, attacked Tiny, he never gave the order for Tigerpaw to attack Tiny. What Tigerpaw did was Tigerpaw's fault, all Thistleclaw ever did was tell his apprentice to show the trespasser out of the territory, but Tigerpaw was too rough and ended up creating the cat that would soon enough, murder him.
Thistleclaw never did anything to harm Tiny - just accept it.

EDIT: The Warrior Code

You're also all commenting about how I am wrong because Thistleclaw broke the warrior code, and over in my Bluestar blog, about how Bluestar didn't. Lets clear this up once and for all - Thistleclaw never broke the warrior code. Thistleclaw only wanted to best for his Clan, but by what you guys are saying, apparently that's against the code. The cats never really gave much for the warrior code anyway, so I really don't know why it's there - it's broken at least once in every arc, and it's just a repetative cycle - tyrant wants to take over the Clan, forbidden love, tyrant is killed, big battle, with, in the last two arcs, some stupid magical powers.
Bluestar was the one who broke the warrior code, but if you want to read that go here


Thistleclaw is misunderstood

No matter what you say, I will never, ever change my opinion on this character. He was a tender, loving cat to his family, loyal to his Clan, and a brave warrior in combat. A certain favourite author of mine, Joanne Rowling, once wrote a perfect quote in one of her books: “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” Thistleclaw was born an arrogant little furball, but he grew to be a brave, loyal warrior.

Leave your opinion

What are your opinions on Thistleclaw after reading my blog? I welcome your opinion, but hate is immuture, and before you flame me for liking Thistleclaw, make sure you have read my entire blog, as I have backed up my reasons, as you may or may not. Until next time, happy reading. ouo