Okay, I know there are other blogs already like this, but I've been itching to write about this topic. So today we will be looking at Realism in the Series. About half way through reading the series I was told about genetics in cats along with possible pelt patterns. I just finished The Last Hope, the death toll in that was just sad.

Genetics in Clan cats

Reading through all the cats and the pelt types, lengths, density etc; and how long ago they had formed, gives them a range of possibilities in coat colors and types. But not all are realistic or possibly, my example is Blackstar.

Blackstar is a muscular, powerful, sleek, large, bulky, white tom with big, jet-black paws, darker ears, a long tail, long claws, a scarred, patchy pelt, sharp teeth, and six toes on one of his black feet.

One, the black ears. Perfectly fine, but what gave him his name, Blackfoot. I've searched everywhere, in every book for a real photo of a cat like this. The white on a cat travels up until it's back. That would leave his ears (as stated in his description), a black tail and a few black patches near his spine.

Another issue is Tortoiseshells. With any female cat this does not relate, but with Redtail, Sol and any others, are very rare. Sol, we don't know but Redtail has a daughter. Most male tortoiseshells are born sterile, meaning they cannot produce offspring. Only very rarely can they produce kittens, but I don't think a beloved deputy should be an exception.

One more note I've taken on this topic are overall genetics in the litters of kittens. Yes, I realize this can go back past the mother and father's pelt color, but sometimes in a litter are ridiculous pelt patterns that don't seem to fit anywhere in a main family tree.

My example is Amberkit. Her mother is a ginger tabby with white, her father is a white tom. Although she could possibly be a dilute of her great-grandfather or her aunt, but sometimes in this case it cannot be explained for a pelt description.

Death Tolls on Major Events

Major events (ie. The Great Journey, the war between the Clans, the Final battle) have seriously low death tolls.

On the Great Journey, the Clans were already weakened before they set off. In the moons, they were starved, weary and weak. The death toll on that was one, a ShadowClan apprentice. There was almost two, when Marshkit was almost taken by an eagle.

The war between the clans. I had high hopes for that battle, in my opinion it was well written. No one had die in the battle or from their injuries, although that sounds bad, in Into the Wild when ShadowClan attacked, cats died and were injured. That was between two clans, this was all four engaging in battle.

And finally, The final battle. Oh my god. What, ten cats died, most from ThunderClan. Yes, there was the Dark Forest cats as well, but they were already dead.

Old Age?

More Coming Soon

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