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    Will SkyClan last?

    June 10, 2012 by .Bossman

    Do you think SkyClan will last? I mean, they're new and are vulnerable to a night attack when they're Daylight Warriors are back at their twoleg nest. And at anytime the Daylight Warriors might go and say, "Eh, we're going back to our twolegs. Much better there." Until they get to be at a good strength, I find multiple faults with them.

    I know the chances aren't likely for this, but if they do, they could join up with the bad rogues from SD and then come over to SkyClan and be like, "Give us your territory. We're stronger and have more cats then you do."

    Cats could all of a sudden be like, "Wait, I'm better then this! I should create my own full-time clan with no Daylight-Warriors and take over SkyClan!" Sharpclaw would most likely do this b…

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