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    Now, most of you will argue to this post. I know that most people say he's evil from nose to tail. But was he really?

    So that's what I'll talk about today.

    NOTE: This blog is NOT finished.

    ... is what every Tigerclaw hater says. Well, honestly, Bluestar has had worse things happen in her life. And anyway, all Tigerclaw wanted was to lead ThunderClan. That's all his ambition ment.

    Well, I don't really know about this one. Sure, he did hate Firepaw, but did he ever at first say "I want to kill Firepaw"? No, this was only until the end of Forest of Secrets.

    So, this isn't finished, I'll work on it later. Comments?

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  • .Cloudwhisker

    Well, first of all, he got attacked by Tigerstar as a kit (boo, Tigerstar, the evilest cat I've ever met!! especially after trying to take over the forest!!) who, then was first called Tigerpaw and Scourge was called Tiny. At the end of the book, he kills Tigerstar in one swipe. (This is The Rise of Scourge)

    So, was that his 'revenge'? Or was it something else? Post your ideas in the comments :).

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