aka Echo / Zea / Kelly

  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is Roleplaying and Drawing
  • I am a Timelady
  • .Echo

    "Should homosexuality be in the books?"

    My opinion varies on this. The fact that the book series is directed towards younger audiences is probably a reason why it isn't in there to begin with, and is why I hesitate to go "OH MY GOD THIS NEEDS TO BE IN THE SERIES!!!!!"
    Ahem, back to business.
    Anyways, I am a full supporter of gay marriage/couples/etc, considering I do infact have a different sexuality (and had been dating a wonderful girl for five months until recently) and I know it's common for homosexuality to appear in cats, as well as incest. I'd totally be for it, but the younger audience most likely don't understand homosexuality or if it's good or bad. 
    One thing I know, is that the Erins' are British and most likely support the idea of…
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