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    March 24, 2012 by .Jackelo

    This blog is about Nightcloud. And all of her hate she has.

    I really don't understand why she gets all of the hate, when Blossomfall, whom has the same personality traits (greedy, selflish, possesive) that people dislike in Nightcloud, gets loved and pitied.

    Nightcloud loves Crowfeather, and he doesn't love her. I would get possesive over him, as he still loves Leafpool and she doesn't want him to leave her.

    About her possesiveness over Breezepelt, thats her only son. Her baby. Most parents with one child spoil them, and when it's implied her other kits died, she would be protective (as it said she had a litter of kits, not just one.)

    So, post your opinions in the comments below 8D

    ~ Weylon Distinctly Unique.

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