There's something I don't get about Jayfeather and Willowshine, or any other non-canon pairing that is very unlikely to happen. There's something about it that annoys me, but I don't know why.

But seriously, think about it. Icecloud X Lionblaze? When did they ever get togther? When did they show signs of affection? As you're reading these questions, you might find the answer is no. (I haven't re-read all of the books yet, so scold me). Okay, so he might have shown her a battle move. It just annoys me that some "fans" automatically assume cats are starting to show affection when doing daily duties for each other.

What really ticks me off is Jayfeather X Stick and Hollyleaf X Code. It seems gross and unrealistic. I just...can't describe it in words.

Who else? Let's see. There's Jayfeather X Cinderheart. That started a while back on deviantART (well, when I was on there). That wasn't too bad, and it lasted for a couple of books until the Lionblaze X Cinderheart started. There, Jayfeather X Cinderheart was crushed.

Mistystar X Thornclaw. I've seen that one a lot since I've joined this wiki. Just becuse he's about the only cat in ThunderClan without a mate, doesn't mean you can pair him up with someone (A) A RiverClan leader (B) Way older than he is, and (C) Un. real. is. tic. It puts Thornclaw in a bad situation, a noble warrior, and Mistystar, the fair leader.

It seems like, for example, you read, "Leafstar watched the tom pad past her, and she followed his movement, distracted by the light on his fur." If that tom was named, a userbox would be made and spectulations thrown out there without you reading the next page and finding out he's scoping out SkyClan territory for an ambush and the light was mentioned because it was such a hot day, and Billystorm came over and licked her ear. Really!?

Voice your opinion~ MoonehGoodbye, everyone...

09:49, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

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