Yeah, this is just going to be me ranting, but my rants are open for debate and discussion, so I thought a blog would be a nice place to put this. There will be up-to-date spoilers in here. Also note that I will be touching slightly on adult subjects. PG-13, basically.

Alright! Let's see...

1: Love Doesn't Automatically Make Everything Alright

Let's face it, forbidden love is an ever-present plot point in Warriors, starting with Firestar's love of Spottedleaf and going to the present situation of Dovewing and Tigerheart (I thank the Erins for Dovewing actually dumping him in favor of a cat from her own Clan).

This repeated plot could be potentially interesting, it really could, if the cats ever got punished for betraying their Clan and the Warrior Code. They never do, though. Sure, they earn the ire of their Clanmates, but that's about the extent of it.

I see fans often justifying the fact that these cats never get punished by saying that "They did it out of love."


Ashfur tried to kill multiple cats "out of love" (according to Yellowfang, though it was most likely madness that drove him).

People rape others, often claiming that they did it "out of love".

Hitler killed millions out of love for Germany.

People abuse their significant others "out of love".

Do you think that these kinds of people deserve to be forgiven of their actions simply because they reasoned their steps on the basis of love?

If these cats in forbidden relationships actually had to fight for their right to love whichever cat they want, if they actually met in fear that they would be caught and punished severely and wouldn't just get thoroughly embarrassed, the forbidden coupled would be worlds more interesting to read about. As it is, though, even medicine cats that betray their Clans to go off an mate don't get punished by anyone but themselves.

2: The Medicine Cat Position is NOT a Backup Job for Crippled Cats

This is a factor of Warriors that has irked me for a while, especially with every other fan calling for Briarlight to become a medicine cat apprentice.

Yes, Cinderpelt became a medicine cat after getting her leg crippled by a car. She, at least, could move around well enough to get herself out of danger if she needed to, and could also fight if need be. Her case should be considered an exception, not a rule.

Jayfeather is a bit less suited to being a medicine cat. He cannot see. Yes, his other senses do help a bit, and he has a certain level of help from his second sight, but this can only take him so far. He cannot without reaching into a cat judge how deep a wound is or if there is debris in a cut. He can still at least get himself out of danger if need be, but he proved when he fought Breezepelt that he can not fight to defend himself or a patient if he needs to. It is my opinion that Jayfeather needs to get an apprentice soon.

But not Briarlight.

Because Jayfeather and Cinderpelt got the medicine cat job due to their conditions preventing them from becoming warriors, I feel that many fans expect that Briarlight must become a medicine cat as well as she can never be a true warrior. This is not a good idea. A medicine cat must be able to gather herbs, get to the Moonpool, get to gatherings, and get around their Clan's territory if a cat is injured far from camp and cannot get back without preliminary treatment. Briarlight cannot do any of these things without being carried. Hell, she can barely get around camp. Briarlight can be, at most, an assistant to Jayfeather, sorting herbs and getting water for patients. Nothing more.

Deal with it.

Medicine cats should ideally be healthy, with all five senses working to full capacity and complete control of their limbs. They are the religious figureheads and the healers of their Clans. If they are sickly or unable to perform some of their duties, the Clan suffers for it.

3: Warriors is Not a Children's Series

I get miffed whenever I see Warriors at a book store or library in the children's section. Mind, this is a rare thing indeed since I'm the last person that'll try to stop someone from reading a book. To illustrate why I feel this way, I'll relate to you guys what happened this last weekend when I went to buy SkyClan's Destiny at a book store with my brother.

After searching the young adult section with the vague hope that this store wouldn't have put the books in the kid's section, I went towards the rows of colorful, thin books with Warriors wedged in somewhere. My brother chuckled at me, saying "Aww, you're reading a kid's book!" I glared at him. "It's not a kid's book!" I exclaimed, earning a stare from a nearby parent. "What's it about, then?" He asked, smirking. "Kitties?" I replied with this: "It's about theocratic tribal societies. It's about war. It's about ethics and when to and not to do what is right by your own morals rather than following the rules society has set out and dealing with the consequences that come from those actions. It's about forbidden love, it's about hate, jealousy, and lust. The fact that it's told from the POV of cats is mostly irrelevant. If anything, it adds a layer of interest since these cats are feral, and not afraid to resort to their base instincts."

That shut him up.

REVISION: Kids can handle these books, I just have trouble with the following aspect:

This comes back to my first rant. It's the fact that this series pretends that love makes everything alright. I don't want my nieces to ever think that. It's the same reason I feel disgusted whenever I see a young person reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Face it, kids are really impressionable. Thinking that love makes everything alright will lead kids into having rather unhealthy relationships. Albeit, Warriors doesn't (in my opinion) take it anywhere near the extreme Twilight does (no, it's not okay for your boyfriend to cut you off from your guy friends, it's not okay to jump off a cliff just to delude yourself that you're hearing his voice, it's not okay to wake up after having sex covered in bruises and just tell him that "It's okay", it's not okay for your husband to try to force an abortion on you or try to convince you to get said abortion by giving another guy permission to have sex with you!), it still conveys this idea that it's okay to hurt yourself, others, or to let yourself be hurt just because you're in love.

So, yeah, this series has no place on the kid's book shelf. The posts from some fans of Warriors on this website convinces me of that.


I hope you guys take this with a grain of salt. It's just my opinion, as always. If you'd like to discuss a topic I didn't cover or even one that I did, just comment below.

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