Ohhh, so many things that some fans do that bug the heck out of me. The latest would be the constant defense I see being made for the character Blossomfall. I've made no secret my distaste for this charcater, and I'd like to write this blog examining her: her actions, her personality, and her appeal to fans. Keep in mind that everything I write is my opinion and is open for discussion.

Good luck changing my mind about this particular brat cat, though.

There's been something about this cat that has grated on me since she became old enough to talk (basically from the moment she became a tortie instead of a brown cat). Of course, even when Blossomkit cannot speak, she is noted to be constantly squeaking obnoxiously.

As an apprentice and a young warrior, Blossomfall is haughty, full of herself to the point that I'd compare her to Berrynose before he lost Honeyfern. After battles she sees no point in practicing so she can fight even better, only caring about the fact that ThunderClan won the day.

And, of course, since her sister became crippled, she has been bitter, jealous, and self-absorbed. This adult cat is jealous because her mother is paying more attention to her dying sister than her... how do fans find any sympathy for this brat?

Many cite the instance in which Millie snapped at Blossomfall after she got lost in the tunnels with Ivypaw as proof that we should feel sympathy for this cat. She's neglected by her mom! What person wouldn't feel bad for her?

Look at it this way:

She is not being neglected. Millie has good reason to worry more for Briairlight (she's kinda dying), and she showed obvious concern for Blossomfall when she snapped at her. She got angry, in my opinion, because she was scared: One kit on her deathbed, and another one of her kits goes and gets herself into danger in the tunnels. If I were her mother, I'd be upset as well! That day, she could have lost a kit when she was already sick with grief over another. Millie's snapping at Blossomfall was completely called for and understandable. Blossomfall chose to take it as Millie expressing hate for her.

Not only this, but Blossomfall has a father, a brother, and a sister that have shown no signs of ignoring her, not to mention her friends in the Clan. Of course, the second Bumblestripe glances at a she-cat looking for a mate, Blossomfall gets malicious towards him as well. I wouldn't be surprised if, in The Last Hope, this self-absorbed she-cat kills her entire family because she's deluded herself into thinking that she is neglected.

And now Blossomfall has chosen to join the Dark Forest, citing that these cats pay more attention to her... but in what way? I'm sorry, but I've not seen the cats in the DF treat her any differently than her Clan has. And if the gap she's looking to fill is the one her mother has left... has Hawkfrost ever given off a matronly vibe? I don't think so, and the only other she-cat noted to occupy the DF is Mapleshade, who I've not seen interact with Blossomfall.

And on that note, think of who Blossomfall is: the daughter of Graystripe. From birth, she has probably heard stories from her father about Tigerstar and his evil deeds. And yet she has chosen to train under him. Wow, what logic she shows!

So, I've been thinking about why on Earth such a cat would appeal to fans. Honestly, I think I've figured it out. She provides a character that embodies the typical teen/preteen stereotype: she hates her parents/siblings because they don't pay attention to her. I can hear the thought going through the heads of readers that like this cat: "She so misunderstood, just like me. Poor, poor Blossomfall."

Some people choose to see that. All I see is another Bella. Another stereotype that curls into a self-absorbed ball for months and ignores the world and what's really important because her boyfriend leaves her and she feels neglected even though nothing's been done to harm her.

I don't know why the Erins felt the need to inject such teenage angst into this series... it makes no sense to me. And I hope that this isn't a theme that reoccurs in Dawn of Clans. To me, Blossomfall is easily one of the worst cats in the series, in every way.

Care to discuss?

EDIT: I forgot to add something earlier.

Please, don't try to tell me she's truly neglected by her mother and that that's an excuse for why she is like she is. That's bull. You know what? Crookedstar was completely cast out by his mother as a kit, and he turned out great.

And so was I. Just a few months ago I was completely disowned by my own mother for protecting my brother from her. And you know what? I'm pretty sure I don't want to kill anyone or join an army of obviously evil people to exact revenge. You grow up and you move on, you don't sit there and angst about it all day.

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