Good, that should be sufficient spoiler warning. Alright, I have a lot to rant about concerning The Last Hope. However, since each topic is rather specific, I feel that each deserves its own blog.

In this case, I'll be talking about the fate of the Three. Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing.

And why they are likely going to die horrible deaths.

In the course of the last book in the series, at least the last book in which Firestar is alive, the existence of the three and their powers are revealed to the Clans. The Clans seem to be able to handle their existence leading up to and during the battle, however, out of my own logic I find that this peace towards the three cannot last. In fact, I'm sure that the Clans only even accepted the three in the first place because they were necessary (supposedly) to win the battle against the Dark Forest.

However, what about now?

Now those three stand as such:

Dovewing, a cat that can see and hear everything around the lake or, if she tries, around the entire planet.
Jayfeather, a cat that can see into the thoughts, emotions, and dreams of other cats at all times, his power allowing him to even feel when a new leader is made.
Lionblaze... who can never be defeated in battle, or even wounded (though his ear says otherwise).

How do you think the Clans, even the cats in ThunderClan, will handle this knowledge now?

My own logic tells me there will be mass hysteria and paranoia. Think about it. The cats now know that nothing they do or say is safe from the eyes of ThunderClan. They know that if Lionblaze shows up, they have no hope of winning a battle against ThunderClan. Even ThunderClanners must be shaken by the fact that not even their thoughts are safe from their medicine cat.

Having StarClan be able to see and hear everything is one thing, since StarClan is supposed to be fair, just, and unbiased. But having these three cats in a single Clan gives ThunderClan the power to take over if they so wish. Not that I think Bramblestar would try such a thing, but still the threat exists.

If I were in the paws of Blackstar, Onestar, and Mistystar, I'd want these cats either on my side or dead.

On getting them to defect, I think that the only cat willing to do such a thing would be Dovewing. If Blackstar were to discover the relationship between her and Tigerheart, he'd likely have no qualms about tempting the she-cat over to his Clan, and he might even have a shot at accomplishing that.

The other two likely wouldn't be willing to defect, and that would mean they'd have to die.

Jayfeather would be easily picked off, he's proven that he's nearly worthless in a fight unless StarClan is helping him to see, and even then he doesn't have the skills of a warrior as Brightheart and Leafpool never taught him such things. It might even be a ThunderClan cat to do it, driven mad by the loss of privacy in their own head. People, and by extension warriors, never react well to having their outer privacy taken away, let alone their inner privacy. Some cat would want very much to do it.

Lionblaze may be tougher to pick off, but the ability to remain undefeated in battle doesn't mean he isn't susceptible to poison. This might be trickier to accomplish, but it would still be possible.

Long story short, these three cats are not safe. I'd love to see a book about what comes after the battle, because I know for a fact that there's no way the Clans will be alright with these cats all living, or at least living in ThunderClan.

This is how I see it. Please remember to put spoiler warnings on your comments since we're discussing a brand new, plot ending book, and please keep the discussion intelligent. Thank you.

EDIT: Since Kate has stated that Dovewing goes with Bumblestripe instead of Tigerheart, I must amend that it's likely she'd be picked off as well.