This is yet another subject I've been thinking on as of late. I've always admired Purdy as a cat. He's wise, kind, and (if the scars that decorate his pelt and his stories are to be believed) he's seen quite a few battles in his day.

Purdy is effectively a representation of what it is to have been a warrior and earned the rank of elder. No, he did not live in any Clan, but he still has that sense of loyalty and pride. Yes, he used to be a kittypet, but he obviously lived a good part of his life in the streets or the wild. The way he fought the rats in Midnight shows that, to say the least, he'd had to fight for his survival many times.

It's hard to not like Purdy, honestly. Even Sol was shown to be fond of the old cat. He shares his prey with others and helps out cats in need, as any warrior would. And now he is a full fledged elder of ThunderClan, blending in well with the Clan and shown to be well liked by the other cats. And, honestly, though he has done very little for the Clan, I think he's earned that position more than some cats have earned theirs. Those who have read my previous blog know what I'm talking about.

Purdy is, to me, a symbol of what a retired Warrior used to be in the Original Series. Back when there was very little to do with the supernatural, only cats defending their Clans or (in Purdy's case) their livelyhood each day. I'm sure that if Purdy had come to a Clan earlier in his life, he would have lived as Firestar did: dedicating his life to his Clan and those he cared about.

So, what do you guys think? Has Purdy, who only came to ThunderClan when he was at the age of an elder and could not be of use to the Clan in any way other than to watch kits occasionally, tell stories to younger cats, and keep Mousefur company, worthy of his place in the Clan anyway? Has he lived a life befitting any forest born warrior and earned the rank of elder in the Clan?